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11-26-2012, 11:55 AM
So Im 65% of the way through this game and so far well im very under whelmed.

Some of the issues I have with the game arise due to the glitches and bad AI e.c.t but as an when they get removed Im sure it wont be an issue, but considering Im over half way in under 8 hours I will play the game while its buggy as hell.

Weapons - Well entirely pointless, the guns are next to useless for Connor they are good for one kill until you get gang raped by seemingly infinite red coats in some situations, and i have only purchased one new weapon some slightly faster dagger and its still un-used since purchase, all you need is Hidden blades and the sword.

Weather - Again a totally pointless addition but a nice effect, the weather does not change dynamically as stated by Devs, it changes when you see 6 Months later e.c.t after you complete a mission.
I have not seen any change in AI behaviour because of such weather, it only ever seems to be Spring or Winter I have yet to see Rain that I can remember.

AI - Is Frankly horrific due to bugs and has tainted my view on this game, and stands testament to not being pleased with AC3 as a product as a major function is buggy and ruins game play at many points. Again as many gamers say : Release a working game don't rush stuff out, we'd rather wait 4 months and get a working product.

Locations - Apart from the differences between the Frontier & Citys its all rather uninspiring New York looks like Lexington and so on, so far nothing has stood out and I don't feel compelled to collect the book pages or feather because there is not much that says "Explore me Im interesting" with one exception of the Docks.

Story - The story is good really i was expecting it to be a bit mash of the same face in a slightly different attire, its not on par with AC2 or Revelations mind.

Connor - He's a bit whiny and quite annoying at times but he's alright, not a patch on Ezio, the new tree climbing is fantastic and a great new addition to traversing the surroundings.

Naval - I have found this to better than expected ! its quite tricky to navigate and use all the weapon functions and set the sails e.c.t but its great when you finally pick it up.

Desmond - Well its brilliant ! finally Desmond controls great and the new setting has made his sequences a joy to play and less of a burden, it really engaging and I look forward to his sections now possibly more than wanting to jump in the animus to play as Connor.

Hunting / Chest looting / Side Missions - Well hunting seems pointless unless you have to do it ( early on in the game ) and is more of an annoying burden than fun, chest looting is good I like the lock picking mechanism, Side missions i have done a few and they integrate you more with the towns people and have a bit more soul.

Overall - Im not really impressed with the Gameplay it feels like its a patchwork quilt of missions, Connor is quite forgettable so far and many of the missions are a bit of a blurr.
The setting is bland and there is nothing worth exploring ( unless you like the hunting ) it feels like the story is all about Desmond now and the Assassin part is a distraction to find this KEY, which has hardly been mentioned since you knew you had to find it and is lost amongst other story elements.

For new players it will be great, for people who are here for the overall story its a mishmash of elements that don't quite mix smoothly, The devs have added great things to an already good formulae but set it in the wrong time / setting.


Side note : I hope AC4 goes back more towards tight city environments with things to climb and explore as apposed to open areas with scattered AI and Animals, if this does not happen i think they should end the AC story as soon as possible as AC3 is a definite Dip in quality and story after Revelations.