View Full Version : AC3 : Graphical Question

11-26-2012, 05:26 AM
Hello all, I recently obtained AC3 after anxiously waiting to play it since it came out. Safe to say putting it into my tray had me all excited to play. However, now two days in, I find myself struggling to play for longer than an hour a day. Not because the game itself is bad, so far it is good although the beginning is quite slow. The graphics however, are killing me. I keep getting these weird choppy graphics, usually whenever I am running or just simply in movement. It is almost as if it lags a little bit, feels like playing a PC game when your computer isn't very well suited for it. At one point my game completely blurred out, and I had to quit out and start over to get it to stop. I am wondering if this is a game issue, Xbox issue or any other potential problems? Any help/experiences/thoughts would be greatly appreciated, while I am trying to enjoy the game, it is making it very hard to.