View Full Version : How would YOU have ended AC III? (SPOILERS... duh)

11-25-2012, 08:51 PM
Generally we've seen quite a lot of people (myself to an extent) a bit disappointed in the ending... so I thought, why don't people suggest how they would have liked the series to end? Obviously it's not going to change anything, but it might be interesting.

I was discussing the ending with a friend and here's the alternative ending we came up with:

As you approach the final Haytham/Lee sequences, the Abstergo satellite launch date gets really close so Bill and Rebecca leave to try and stop it, leaving Desmond and Shaun to finish in the temple. After Connor returns to his village and finds the crystal ball piece of Eden again, Juno speaks directly to Desmond through the memory. She explains that she and the other TWCB concluded that the only way to save the world was through the "mind over matter" effect that pieces of Eden can create (all that "alter the consensus" stuff), only they didn't have enough time to perfect it -- which is why they've been guiding events so that this time around, the Templars can successfully pull it off. In other words, if the Assassins stop the satellite launch, the world is doomed. Juno tells Desmond to bring some of the power sources from the temple to the satellite in order to boost the PoE's power, making it strong enough to enthrall the world and thus stop the solar flare.

Cue Desmond and Shaun dashing to the satellite facility, with Shaun finally cracking out some assassin skills as they make their way through security. Eventually they get to Bill and Rebecca. Desmond convinces them they need to let the launch happen, so they team up and try and stop the other assassin teams from preventing the launch. In the end they succeed and add the power sources to the satellite, but Bill is killed in front of Desmond shortly afterwards. The remaining three of them flee both from Abstergo agents and the other assassins (who assume they've gone rogue).

After the finale, they pick up Connor's key and return to the temple. There they make their way to the final room, where Minerva, Juno and Jupiter appear. They congratulate the assassins on pulling through, and express regret that the Templars will shortly have most of the world enslaved by their PoE satellite.

... final twist: the three TWCB then open up a treasure trove of where they stored a large supply of various PoE's -- apples, swords, staves, shards etc. They give them over to Desmond and the Assassins, telling them this is their last gift so that they can fight back against the newly empowered Templars. The three TWCB then vanish for the last time. The final shot is of Desmond approaching a PoE sword in the centre of the room, hesitating, then grasping it; it glows gold, and then the camera zooms in on the Assassin's symbol on the hilt (i.e. where the Assassin symbol originally came from, by implication) and cuts to the credits with the AC III theme playing.

What do you think? And please write your own alternative ending if you didn't like the original! :D