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Smokey Amp
11-25-2012, 08:36 PM
Okay, so I tried looking through the abomination of a thread that was the 24-page Stun-locking thread, but my eyes couldn't handle all the arrogance and stupidity, so I'm going to look for answers in this thread.

A few questions, if you'd be so kind to share your knowledge/understanding:

1) Why does stun-locking sometimes work, sometimes not? Is it purely to do with whether the pursuer is mashing X with a lock when getting up, or are each players connections a factor? I find when I have a target locked, by camera on them and I'm mashing X for dear life can't stop the stun-lock, but others seem to be able to...

What's the deal with that? Is there a guaranteed way to carry on a stun-lock without abilities?

2) Why can players chase me across a good 40% of the map in LoS and not start a chase? I know hot pursuit decreases the depletion, but you can't tell me they can run that far without starting a chase.

3) Why does the smoke dodge animation literally take almost the entirety of the smoke bomb's effect to pull off. Barely enough time to stun.

4) Why can you kill other targets when locked? What is the point in locking?

5) Why do you save pursuers from luring and give them a contested kill if you go to stun as they're abut to kill the wrong target?

6) Why can pursuers run into a group of multiple morphed targets and mash x and get the right person? Does the game have some kind of guess-assist? Lol.

7) Wipe is ridiculous, it's two abilities in one. I feel cheap for using it. Give us Templar Vision back. (Not a question, I know)

8) Why can you bait trip-wire bombs? You can already see them on the floor, ffs. They should only detonate when they are able to incapacitate the pursuer.

9) Why doe the match-making fail when you're in a party of more than two people?

Any replies appreciated.


11-25-2012, 09:25 PM
1) Lag is definitely a factor in stun-locking. I've found my self on both ends mashing square only getting my preferred results (stun/kill) about half the time.

2) Perhaps they were at incognito before they started chasing you?

3) Because smoking is bad for you.

4) I would like to know the answer to this myself, it's extremely frusterating.

5) Why wouldn't you get the lure before stunning? if you both press kill at the same time you will drag your pursuer into a contested kill. I don't think it matters if they're locked on to someone else

6) Maybe they just guessed correctly? There is no guess-assist/auto-kill your target mechanic.

7) I love Wipe <3 Wanna lure me into a smoke bomb? I'll WIPE the floor with you.... heh =P

8) Try crafting it to maximum range. It makes a big difference trust me. I use tripwire as frequently as most players use smoke or knives.

9) I don't play with parties so I can't help you there.

11-25-2012, 09:32 PM
I think the lock system is just what it sounds like...just a lock designed to keep track of your target nothing more. Many times I could have a dude in a crowd locked walk up go for the kill but if the npc next to him is in front of me its a npc kill all day

11-25-2012, 09:39 PM
2.) There are many ways to keep your target on the screen, but out of LOS. And as you are probably aware, you can sprint without depleting your approach meter using this technique.

3.) It has always given you enough time. Unless you are going for a focus stun you should be able to get it 100% of the time. The real question here IMO is why can Pursuer B kill you once you dodge Pursuer A?

4.) People complained about the hard lock in AC:B, when in reality all they had to do was unlock and interact with whoever else they wanted to(although the lock system in AC:B did do whatever the hell it wanted). So we got the AC:R\AC3 soft lock.

5.) I suggest you don't try to stun them until after you get the lure. I wait until they kill the civilian, then stun them. In other words, don't try for a lurestun, just try for a lure then a stun.

6.) I have notived that I can just walk in and guess and often I will change direction completely to kill the correct target. Shouldn't happen IMO

7.) Agreed to an extent. As soon as you see the Wipe animation you can more often than not get the stun, because they are using it not knowing which one you are.