View Full Version : Missing Altair's Sword at the End

11-25-2012, 07:30 PM
I purchased Altair's Sword not much before the ending. When the ending came, Ezio took off all his weapons and I though it would be for the cinematic. It turns out I was missing my sword and my dagger, both very expensive. I just want to screw around with the game a bit with the different variety of weapons. I thought going to my inventory and equipping it would work but I wasn't able to switch weapons. Then I thought maybe going to the blacksmith and selecting and equipping would work, like in Brotherhood. But it didn't either. Please help me with any ways to get them back. Thanks.

11-25-2012, 07:36 PM
It should be at the Assassin HQ on one of the weapon racks.

11-25-2012, 07:41 PM
Where is that? The Villa?

11-25-2012, 07:55 PM
in AC2 it would be the Villa. In ACB it would be the Assassin HQ on Tiber River. in ACR it would be the HQ at the very north of the map.

They are the different versions of the HQ.