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11-25-2012, 04:58 PM
Does the story get better or more professional after moving onto Conno? One that doesn't contain as many gaps, oversights and general lack of creativity as Haytham's?

Few examples are:

1. Following the mission before starting the Bulldog expedition, Ziio says that she will get her people and prepare(as you should do the same).
On the next screen the game tells you that 'Five Months Later,' and she shows up into your pub saying 'it's time.'

2. After killing Bulldog you are shown the cave cutscene, which explains little and feels very shallow and inconclusive as on the one hand he doesn't find what he's looking for, but suddenly Ziio wants to kiss Haytham.

Both cases have such little regard to continuity and lack so many supporting details such as change of clothing, change of hair styles, change of weather...everything is the same for five months, with no contact between one another(or at least nothing inferred), and then things pick up right where they leave off all in a matter of what seems like a few hours.
'All' of 'Ziio's people' look very similar, have no tribe indicators, wear the same clothes and yet are supposedly meant to be different.

Is the game full of this or does it start to tighten up later on?

EDIT: Seems the trend continues. Connor is a little brute, but between him and the old man they can't lift a piece of wood off his mother. Mom dies and nine years later he's not only super indian, he's also fluent in English - and not fluent as in can carry a conversation, yet fluent as in can speak words such as 'presume' properly in a sentence without any hesitation. Where did he learn this? Ziio's English was limited.

His journey to meet Achilles was entirely uneventful..no one bothers him. He waits what seems like two days and earns favor with Achilles, hears the story (which the audience doesn't get to hear..was a bit disappointed without at least a summary), and then flash to next scene BAM six months later and he's 'trained.'

Where in th story did WE learn that HE knew his father was Haytham? I was expecting it to be a plot twist and Connor to be surprised, making the whole 'my dad is the leader of the Templars' to add drama. Not only does he know, but he's ok with it.

And how on Earth does an indian and a black man in the North East not draw attention? 60% of blacks were in Virginia at the time; it's not as if they were a regular sighting in the NE, and tensions with indians was still high.
Did they even do any Colonial research?

I like watching the cutscenes, but the story is so full of holes.