View Full Version : AC 3 DC FIXES (pc client)

11-25-2012, 02:44 PM
Okay, to start, I am a veteran networking tech and coder.
I love my creed and i want everyone to be able to enjoy it with me.
I have so many fixes for so many issues that may be preventing you from staying connected to the AC 3 server.
So many in fact that its easier for me to offer my services to the public for the next 2 days ONLY.
After that i will provide a link to a comprehensive troubleshooting guide for vista 64 and win 7 that includes everything I feel standard users can comprehend and execute.

There are many things that might be standing in the way of you going head to head, its really user specific in many cases (what worked for george might not work for harry)
So... as i said 2 DAYS ONLY (now until lunch time Nov 27, 2012)
You can add me on skype and i will walk you through your individual settings to get you slittin throats.
Skype = joey1kanoby

In some cases its as simple as 6 clicks (I counted :p )

Users will be helped better if they have all of their system and network info ready.

Thank you and happy hunting.
Joey1kanoby of the Chosen Clan.