View Full Version : Game not saving if...

11-25-2012, 10:27 AM
ok i was doing 5 hours of hunting to trade so i could have money to get new weapons, i then went and got 4 peg legs and gave it to the guy at the harbor. I did the mission and i then went to Boston and sold 15 kid worth of animal stuff. i went and bought the map to find the rest of the peg legs. I went to and got 14 more peg legs, and did the mission i then got more peg legs and did that mission, when i was done with the 3 missions i went to boston and the game saved. i exit out of the game and 30 min later i came back in and bam. I was at a little bit over 5K, and everything i had done that took me9 hours to do was gone. I went and did everything i had done another 9 hours. had the game save, and when i woke up in the morning it still had not saved. i then found out that if i play the main store the game will save but if i do any of the peg legs mission the game will not save i will have to exit the game come back in and it then will start to save. wtf is going here?