View Full Version : AC3: Amazing AC Exprience!

11-24-2012, 07:04 PM
First of all and to be clear, AC3 is the BEST AC game yet.

As a fan who have played all of AC games, I think this game is amazing in all terms.

The story was great and the characters were nice. I don't get why people think that Connor wasn't a good protagonist.
In my opinion he was awsome and flawless and in the Homestead missions you could see an other side of him.
Desmond part was simply awsome! We could finally play as him the proper way and it was cool.
[SPOILER] In my opinion the end was fantastic. I wouldn't change it at all... It gave me goosebumbs, and it was a great way to conclude the story.
It was a kick to the groin, but I liked it anyway..

In terms of gameplay, I have no words to describe my feeling when I played it for the first time..
It's simply awsome, all of it: the tree climbing, hunting, new weapons, new animations, the Frontier(!!) and more.

I turn to all of the fans and players, enjoy this game because it's simply the BEST AC GAME yet.
In conclusion, thank you Ubisoft for this perfect AC game and I look forward to see where my favorite series will go on next...

11-24-2012, 09:28 PM
The man speaks the truth, but what made me like this game EVEN more was the fact that EVERY animation is different, I've only noticed 2 that was imported from the old games, (But you couldn't really replace them anyway,) unlike the other games they all had animations imported from the other series.
I too think that ACIII was the best so far. The new engine really did make a MASSIVE difference to gameplay.

But the ending as you said Iwasser,
Was an axe to the groin, due to the fact that:
1) Desmond was fun to play as.
2) There may not be another AC (75% of me is saying that their will be)