View Full Version : List of issues found after 5 Hours of play time ( SPOILERS )

11-24-2012, 06:59 PM
I'll keep this updated as best as i can as i find issues :


Three town announcers in every place where there should be one.


hovering shurbs in many locations

Game crashes to desktop randomly and leaves in game sound running and has to be closed via control panel.

AI bugs out frequently, the mission where you must save some Natives from the boston out of town camp 2 AI went loopy and killed every other AI in the area.

AI also refuses to recognize the player when they are faceing a wall.

AI can shoot through roofs and hit you when your not in Line of sight.

Whilst on horse back you can't pass through a washing line with cloths on it its acts like a wall, when you can walk through it on foot.