View Full Version : How to choose and play completed missions one more time?

11-24-2012, 02:06 AM
Hi !
I am completely new in the games world and Assassin`s Creed as well.
I did not like playing games. Real climbing, biking, aikido, that was my world, but...
To years ago I started studying 3d design and animation, and I want to work with architectural visualisation.
I saw some shots from Assassin`s Creed I and II, and I decided to buy it just for watching its great architecture.
It is great! It inspires me to model, texture and light my architectural works. I use 3 ds max 2012.
To watch all these architectural details I had to start playing. I love it and I bought "Brotherhood" and "Revelations".
No more leal climbing :)

I have some simple question and remember I am completely new in gaming.
I have almost finished part I and II. I started Brotherhood and Revelations.
How can I play again some missions I completed before ? For example. I want to start sightseeng Venice with Leonardo again and than jump to some task in a church.
How it works ? I cannot find any helpful information.