View Full Version : To Devs: Would AC3 performance benefit from x86 optimization flags?

11-23-2012, 09:27 PM
Problem: Many users are complaining about poor performance in AC3, particularly in cities where a high number of objects, characters and draw distance quickly bring the game engine and PCs to a crawl, dropping framerates noticeably on machines with capable GPUs that exhibit lower than expected GPU utilization.

Background: As many PC gamers may remember, another popular title about this time last year, Skyrim, suffered similar problems in cities like Whiterun from certain viewing angles. The community with the help of a few key members quickly came to the realization that Skyrim's FPS problems in cities were largely due to CPU bottlenecks with the game engine. Those key members went further to prove this, enabling some x86 optimized extensions by hand and distributing them to the community as SkyBoost, TESVal (and a few other names). Many users with high-end hardware saw 25-50% increases in FPS instantly in the most CPU bottlenecked situations.

After months of enduring one embarassing fix after another by the community, Bethesda finally released a machine-compiled version of Skyrim's .exe with all x86 extensions enabled.

Question: Like Skyrim, AC3 looks to be a console port with some additional bells and whistles enabled. My question to the dev team is, would AC3 benefit from similar x86 extensions being enabled at compile time? Does AC3 already have most x86 extensions enabled, like SSE4? Thanks for your time.

My personal opinion is that AC3 is a very GPU-intensive game that looks great, much moreso than Skyrim, so it's possible nothing comes of this, but the question is worth asking imo. On my own machine, I have not experienced any major FPS drops, even in cities and find my GPUs are close to 100% utilization with all details and settings maxed out with TXAA enabled. I'm running an i7 920 @4GHz with GTX 670 SLI.