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11-23-2012, 07:41 PM
Here are some thoughts I have had, watching through the first 4 games and played up to the beginning of the 6th sequence of AC3...

The following quotes are stated in AC2:B by Juno at the end of the game

In the beginning, we set our truth to parchment. To stone. To the memory of men. These proved impermanent things. Cleansed by fire. Cleansed by famine. Cleansed by flood. All the world is innocent once more. Innocent and ignorant.

Juno is saying after the apocalypse they tried to pass on the knowledge of what the truth is and what will come to pass in 3 ways...
And they were wiped out by...

Looking to history (and biblical history) we can see something...
Library of Alexandria (parchments) was burned by fire
Humans (thus their memory) were wiped out by a flood
Stone and Famine I don't know >.> but one would have to suspect that it came between those two. Also this isn't hard to guess though. Perhaps Sumeria fell due to famine. Not sure, but they used "stone" to record things.

After, when the world became undone, we tried to pass it through the blood. Tried to join us. You see the blue shimmer. You hear the words. But you do not know. WE SHOULD HAVE LEFT YOU AS YOU WERE!

This could mean... We should have left you without the ability to try to get knowledge...or we left you as you were before we hyper evolved you. The first interpretation shows a prejudice. The second interpretation shows regret and thinking that possibly without them existing the first civ could have survived... another interpretation is that Juno means that without this 6th sense we might have saved ourselves instead of warring for thousands of years trying to get at the information the first civ left.

Your DNA communes with the Apple. You have activated it. On the 72nd day before the moment of awakening. You, birthed from our loins and the loins of our enemies. The end and the beginning, who we abhor and honor. The final journey commences. There is one who would accompany you through the gate. She lies not within our sight. The cross darkens the horizon. The path must be opened. You cannot escape your part in this. The scales shall be balanced. You know very little. We must guide you. Cease your struggle. It is done. The way lies all before you. Only she remains to be found. Awaken the sixth. Go. ALONE!

"loins of our enemies" could mean human and "we abhor humans". This is Juno talking (also known as Hera who was known as quite a cruel goddess) so when Juno says this she is admitting that she may very well be our enemy here.

The next part is usually seen as an indictment of Lucy, but what she is saying is actually "There is someone that you need to find that (is not here or is we cannot predict)" "You will have problems with the Templars"

The "scales" generally means "Justice" this can refer to Lucy having played a part in the death of others and thus she must be killed
OR "Justice" could refer to we were imprisoned or killed, but it should have been the humans that were!

The "Go alone" and the second interpretation of justice would indicate that if Lucy were to come along, or others, there is a chance that Desmond wouldn't make the non-decision at the end of AC3 that I accidentally learned of.

some other thoughts. This game is taking from myth and biblical stuff...
The names given and the mythologies imply that the first civ were around until at least the Greeks.
The story of Cain and Abel... could it really be the story of the beginning of the Assassin/Templar split?
The tower of Babel... could this be a story of early humans after the apocalypse trying to imitate the first civ?
The flood's cause in the biblical telling is that Humans and "angels" (the first civ) mated and created giants. Could this be one of the attempts of infusing humans with "Knowledge"?