View Full Version : Cant install AC3 because I have to extract the game to the Temp folder.

11-22-2012, 06:19 PM
I got the game from the ubisoft store, so I had to use the download manager which downloaded the 23-part RAR of the installation. It asked me where to download the stuff (good!), and I had it download to a folder on H:\.

Upon finishing this download, it decides it is going to extract all of the files to C:\Users\account\AppData\Local\Temp\AC3. Here is why that is bad: I only keep about 10gb free on my C:, and I install everything to other partitions/drives (partly to lessen the load on C, and partly so that should my Windows installation be horribly infected by something I won't lose much by wiping it out). So when it started telling me it was having write errors ("Probably disk full," it said), I got to sit here and figure out roughly 6gb of files I could delete/temporarily move to other partitions so that your stupid extractor could finish not letting me decide where to put the data. Thanks for that.

I need you help! I want to play now!

11-23-2012, 12:55 AM
The solution is rather simple.
You need to change windows temp folder to another partition/drive which has more free space left.
In Windows 7 you can change it in Control Panel -> System -> Advanced system settings -> Environment Variables.
The variables "TEMP" and "TMP" should be listed there with the value which points to your current (default) temp folder.
Change both values to e.g. "D:\TEMP".
You might need to change the user variables and system variables for it to work.
The options found in other Windows versions might vary, Google will help you on that.
If you are done just change the TEMP direction to your old location again if you want it there.

01-05-2013, 04:36 PM
+1 Silent000Lain

@Ubisoft FEEDBACK (-1):
Not giving the user a choice on where to unpack 15+GB of data is very poor planning. Outright rude and presumptuous towards your customer, (See also "Principal of least/greatest surprise"). Bad impression when I haven't installed the game I paid for yet.

@Others - Followup Q:
Same issue thankyou! After making this change will previously installed programs be unable to find existing data in the original TEMP location? Should I copy my entire \AppData\Local\Temp\ folder to the new locations or what? If no one can assist, I'll report back when I solve it. Thank You.

Example: Old/New

01-05-2013, 05:32 PM
Answer: Doh!
The 'Windows Disck Cleanup' tool was not clearing out my User TEMP dir, so I was concerned this was not in-fact temporary data. Turns out the Disk Cleanup tool only deletes files last accessed more than 10 days ago. Should be no need to carry over the existing TEMP data to the new location. NOTE: After changing the Environment Variables, Disk Cleanup will probably not check the old path and you will have to empty it manually.

Change TEMP, TMP Environment Variables:

Disk Cleanup: 10 Days

01-09-2013, 01:04 AM
oO, why changing environment variables, just uncheck "Run this file when done" in Ubisoft downloader, and even if you didnt do so, when its done/failed due to space, go to the folder where it has been downloaded and extract the RARs using Winrar to where you want, dont worry about part1 being an exe file, you right click on it and extract because its rar containing script!!!

And about DiskCleanup, use CCleaner, its better, more options and faster.