View Full Version : Things that you would like added to Assassins Creed III

11-22-2012, 06:13 PM
This is a dicussion about things that hopefully will be added to ac3 . post anything you would like to see in the game , in 2013 :)

* Myself , i would like that sailing could not just be missions , but instead of fast travel , you could sail the boat to the docks yourself .

* And i would enjoy if canoe would be placed around lakes/rivers , like you see in the picture at the bottom

* I would also like to more see boat upgrades , like building your own boat.

* I would realy like to see diffrent muskets, wich you can equip and unequip

* and i hate the thing with all assassins creed games , and that is you cant unequip enything... i do not like the sword in ac3 , never use it , nor the bow . i do use it , but it doesn't fit to all oufits . agree ?

* also more editing for the Mansion in davenport . and a local shop in davenport

* I would like a hideout in both newyork and boston , mabye frontier too.

* more axes and pistols.

* this is realy special , i would realy like it, TROPICAL ISLANDS TO GO TO , WHERE PIRATS LIVE AND SUCH, SHARKS AND SNAKES .... I REALY WISH THAT UBISOFT :ooo

post something you would like to see :)