View Full Version : digital deluxe edition idea

11-22-2012, 03:13 AM
Hello, I have an idea regarding the digital deluxe edition which allows me to get all bonus missions without downloading 15gb of data. here it is:
step 1. buy/install standard edition-done
step 2. buy digital deluxe edition
step 3. copy files from standard directory to digital deluxe directory (if different/possible)
step 4. download the rest of the files needed
step 5. input codes
step 6. ???
step 7. PROFIT
please let me know if this could work, how much you think I would need to download from the digital deluxe edition and if it would not work, which step would it fail at. really want the bonus missions but missed out because of EB not offering freedom edition post-launch. I know it is expensive BUT I DO NOT CARE!!!