View Full Version : The best thing EVER in AC3, you may pee your pants laughing.

11-21-2012, 07:22 PM
Ok, find an easy to remember and easy to climb building, climb to the top an place down trip wire bombs on the edge, for best effect make them all real close to eachother. Find some nearby guards, the more the better, then get them to chase you up the building, watch as they climb onto the bombs an the fun ensues.

On my first try, I had two climb up an one jump from the building next to it, the pne that jumped went skyward, and he really went high, the two who had climbed up at the same moment were thrown backward, hit the building then ricocheted twice more between the two buildings before hitting the ground.

On my third one, I put two down on one building then one on the ground in alley between the two buildings, and the last two on the other building, I gotvthe guards to climb up the side without the bombs, grabbed one in combat an tossed him into the bombs, he hit the first and went airborne, falling into the alley which set off that one which made him hit the ones on top of the shorter one and he went soaring. Never found the body