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11-21-2012, 05:59 AM
PART 1 of many more parts:

First off, if you have any questions about this thread, contact me at apocolyptic.rabbit@gmail.com :p

The Assassins creed series is about Desmond Miles, an assassin, that goes through so much in so little time
in the console games, he goes into his ancestors memories to uncover the history and mystery of the Assassins.

Keep in mind that this series is a work of fiction, it is based off of actual events
If you really want to learn about history, go to a library and read!

This thread is about explaining assassins creed to individuals that have just started playing the series
or someone who does not understand it very well

I would like to note that I have finished all of the Xbox 360 Assassin's Creed console games that there is; as of 11/20/12

-I will start off with some general vocabulary for the series-

--these are the people who are dedicated to humanities well-being
--the enemies of the Templars
--Some examples: Desmond Miles, Alta´r Ibn-La'Ahad, Ezio Auditore da Fiernze, Connor Kenway (a.k.a. RatonhnhakÚ:ton)

--Enemies of the Assassins
--people who are determined to control all mankind
--some examples are: Warren Vidic, Adolf Hitler, Henry Ford, Haytham Kenway, Robert de Sable

----Abstergo Industries----
--A templar organization that makes every thing from toilet paper to televisions
--Secretly seeing back in time through "subjects" in a machine called the animus

"You're inside the Animus. It's a projector which renders genetic memories in three dimensions."
―Warren Vidic to Desmond Miles. (source: http://assassinscreed.wikia.com/wiki/Animus)
--the animus allows the one who enters it to "look back" at their ancestors memories through
accessing the "database" of your genetic memory
--it is thought that your genetic memory contains the memory of your ancestors

---Abstergo Industries use of the animus---
-it is used to look back at the memories of captured assassins by forcing them to use it
-to train abstergo employees

-First Civilization (Those Who Came Before)
--a group of prehistoric beings
--all killed by the first solar flare
--Live on through some sort of Vault thingy

--a Fallout (copyright Bethesda Software) style base that is sealed so in the circumstance
of a worldwide disaster, the occupants survive
--these was used along time ago when the first solar flare occurred

-The First Solar Flare
--this happened a long time ago
--killed many humans and the First civilization

-The ominous date
--the date of when the second deadly solar flare is supposed to occur

I guess this is the end of the first chunk of the explanation, until next time, ApocolypticRabbit

Part 2 coming soon...

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This is a great concept, but soon this thread would be moved to hints and tips section and then it will be swamped by those who didn't like the ending. :|

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Yeah I guess so... But Im just generaly describing it in a way too

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When is part 2 coming?

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I just typed this up and were I live it is 11:15 pm so judging by the time maybe tomorrow.
I also read about the spoiler thing so i will cahnge it then so there are no spoilers

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The Assassins are bunnies and the Templars are rabbits

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lol ok thats funny

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The Assassins are bunnies and the Templars are rabbits

And suddenly everything is clear..:eek:

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i'm on like some kind of tired-sick high or something, i'm making the strangest comments.

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The Assassins are bunnies and the Templars are rabbits

First of all, I can Agree with that, the rabbits are evil,
the rabbits are the cause of the commotion of the suppossed 2012 apoc.
The rabbits will nuke us and hide in their holes!

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