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11-21-2012, 05:52 AM
I have never been able to play an AC game because of the jumping. I'm the guy with the dead nerve endings in his hands. I decided to give AC3 a rent. I found I was actually able to execute some of the jumps early in the game.

Then I got stuck! Before I even made it to Connor. There is a sequence where your first Assassin tries to help someone retrieve stolen property and your objective is to shoot the powder kegs when they hide behind a fort door. I am unable to shoot the powder kegs either with my pistol or a musket that I have picked up. I simply can't get beyond this simple mission point. I target the powder keg to blow open the fort doors and I can't fire the weapon. Any weapon. I have replayed the sequence multiple times and I always stick on this one spot. I can't blast the powder kegs below the wagon to open the fort doors the thieves are hiding behind. I've tried using improved aim, eagle eye, every targeting way possible. It won't allow me to target the barrels. I've spent hour just dropping the musket, picking it up, attempting to target anything, using the pistol. No luck. Is this a bug on the XBox 360 or is this just my inexperience and lack or ability? Does anyone have a solution or has anyone had the same problem with the XBox 360 version? Thanks in advance. Honestly if I could figure this out I would buy the game. I've made it through the jumping tutorials so far with good success. But as it stands I can't even get to Connor because I can't target a non-enemy with a firearm, and it says target the powder kegs. There is one lookout but he is almost impossible to get a target on. This is probably trivial for you experienced guys, for me this was the first time I got to experience an AC game for more than a few minutes and I fell in love. I want to buy the game, but I am concerned about this issue. If it's even an issue? If I am doing something wrong, just pretend I am a child that you have to tell something in the most simple of terms. In the AC realm I really am a child. Thanks.

11-21-2012, 02:03 PM
You can only shoot things that are targetable. Things that are targetable have a white glow around them when you're targeting them.

If you're absolutely sure that you're still targeting what you're supposed to be targeting, and you still can't shoot it, make sure your weapons is loaded. Release the left trigger, and tap Y. That should force a reload. If you have no bullets, you're out of luck.