View Full Version : Blueprint of 2nd playthrough (Possible minor SPOILER)

Rogue Agent 035
11-20-2012, 08:25 AM
After beating the game yesterday it left me scratching my head a bit about the story as I was so fixated on the contraints that there were things I mentally missed even outside the story (clubs an other sides). So I have decided to do a 2nd playthrough, but this time a ghost (least with Connor). I am working out a plan of attack if you will an was curious if I were to purchase weapons as Haytham (when they are available) will they be available as Connor as well or like the money you earn as Haytham is that lost too once you switch from father to son. Granted, it may sound tendious, but what I plan to do as Haytham is cause as much havoc with them since there is no wanted or warning system implimented yet an earn enough to buy as many as I can, that way when it's Connor's turn I can concentrate on stealth an ghostly actions.

Thnx in advance

Rouge Agent 035