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11-20-2012, 02:19 AM
I liked the idea in the Brotherhood game and thought it was pretty good.I didn't really get a chance to play Revelations, but I heard the Den Defense missions were terrible or at least not pleasant. In this game, it looked like they listened to most of what the fans wanted though some parts I wish had stayed. With that in mind, I'm making some suggestions knowing that some of you may not like the system due to that particular Den mechanic in Revelations or just the whole idea in general. So here are some things Ubisoft should keep, improve, and add IMO.

- Keep the customization aspect of your recruits. I was let down when this game didn't allow for the customization options like the previous title such as color dyes and equipment. It also didn't help that they never even had their own Assassin outfits (at least make it an option for them to wear it).

- Keep the Assassination actions from this title. There is a lot of potential with this kind of system, but I think it requires your opponents to be more challenging so that it might be warranted for you to use them more often.

- Keep and improve the character design and introduction of the Assassins you recruit. I think if this aspect is improved further, recruiting assassins can be seen as more fulfilling rather than having it just be a side-mission you undertake. While I like the presentation of some of the recruits in this game, it would be nice to flesh them out more so that I at least remember their names.

-Improve their overall combat abilities. I would be nice if instead of the high profile kills they always do, they could do a silent or double assassination that is just as effective and leaves room for me to finish the job without worry of an all-out fight.

-Add a safe house addition where you can train your recruits personally and they, and you, both get a special skill bonus. For instance, they can get the Rope dart and instead of using their hidden blade to assassinate they hang your target instead. In return, they teach you how to reload faster (maybe 30-40%) with firearms. These skills would be determined by the character you've trained and if they are nearing the final level before they become a Master Assassin. Maybe have a sequence where you and them go on a certain contract and learn about one another and how their experience within the Assassins has tested their resolve.

-Add a chance for when you're recruiting, you may come across someone with the Eagle Vision ability (5%). This scenario would only work if the Assassins you could recruit are numerous and would likely not have a decent enough background behind them. This would translate into their combat by allowing them to go one-on-one with an elite soldier with a 50% chance of winning. They also come with two predefined special abilities that you can choose from the outset of you recruiting them.

Here's some other additions, but are further reaching into something more involved:

-Add a slight RPG skill system to their abilities where they can learn specific abilities based on a class system. One recruit might be well geared towards stealth and silent assassinations, while another may do well in engaging with large groups of hostiles. Another could be good with ranged weapons like a bow or musket while another is good at setting up ambushes and traps.

-Add a more engaging system to the Recruit Contracts. When sending your recruits out on a contract that involves them being in combat, add the option to either leave it up to how leveled they are and the chances of success or go into a turn based mode (very light, nothing that far in-depth) where the rewards are far greater (but so are the losses). In this mode, you would use strategy in order to outflank, surprise, and eliminate all opponents in the area. You could use individual assassins skills to help achieve those ends, and the maps would have the many stealth elements like haystacks and booths in the real game. I thought of X-Com: Enemy Unknown when I came up with this, and I think it had a good reward/consequence system that made it very fun to play. As the missions become harder, you'll have to either deal with more enemies or tougher opponents. If a recruit is injured in battle, they drop a level or two due to injuries. If you lose the mission completely, you lose money and/or progress within that particular area. Winning however, translates into a much higher money bonus, greater liberation progress in that area of interest or significant experience bonuses for your recruits.

-Add an Assassins safe house or den that you can customize to your liking.

11-20-2012, 11:20 AM
You should try to rent ACR & check that out (our local Redbox carried it at least up to 1 week ago when I checked stock). Some of your suggestions were done there - we had alot of one on one w/ Master recruit missions - it was AWESOME working w/ them.
Imo, they practically perfected the entire thing outside the 'den defense' part in that game. Loved the concept of being able to lose what you took over from Templars, but the fight system of it was awkward even tho they made it possible to minimize dens being contested by keeping low notoriety).
I would have liked just some free-for-all battles w/ your Assassins or something with maybe a higher chance of losing. [Something similar to the fun Convoy defense/attack fights].

I'd add a suggestion to put the Dens back in but let us use some of our $$ for Den upgrading that may reflect in Assassin strength... the more the den is upgraded w/ training equipment & other things that build them up & keep them comfy, the less prone they are to failure or injury, etc.. That would have been great in previous games when we had the issue of gaining entirely too much money by the last few sequences & there was nothing left to spend on.

One other thing that might be kool to do (but maybe impossible) is to do what they have with convoys where at any given moment your Assassin may need your help and you have the option to fast travel to the Assassin's mission & jump into a fight to save them? **(no synch system on those).

I think ACR got it just about right - it would be great if they combined ACB's outfit & dye options. I love the recruiting - it could almost be made into its own side game if it was beefed up enough and made relevant. :D

*Edit in: just saw your den customize suggestion - I prefer if it could be customized/upgraded but have that affect the recruits somehow rather than just be random - - like we want animal print couches for no reason type of thing. If they were getting more tools to train with, they'd be better fighters w/ better weapons in the missions they go to. Better armor, etc. It should give them an edge. Plus ya, I want a posh looking pad too lol