View Full Version : Final Assassin In AC3 And Glitches That Effect Gameplay.

11-18-2012, 10:59 PM
I have a problem, I have Played the game and beat it, Not going to spoil any endings here but my concern is this,I had to re-do many missions because of Glitches in the Game,like Captain Kidds Treasure when you have to align the environment in eagle eye and it's fairly simple, but at a few points it wasn't working, I spent and hr and a half that I can't get back because it wasn't going into place,I turned it off after getting frustrated and the next time I tried playing it,it worked just like that, I did the same exact thing I had done prior, the wolf part I tried to get a perfect Sync and the game did not work because all of a sudden though I never had a wolf problem except in the beginning when I 1st started and didn't know how to press B on time(like the 1st and only time) but here I reset it like 20times because for the life of me I could not press B and the following button fast enough mysteriously which took time and when I was on top of the stump to assassinate the Wolves(again this is getting Captain Kidds Final Treasure)Connor just jumped next to the wolf and did not kill him which I did not appreciate,so I had to just go in for the kill which took time to do all Wolves.Moving on from there I tried to do some missions for The assassins and a few times it Glitched out where the character got stuck and I had to reset it and do a few things over(not much cause the auto save is pretty good)but that as well takes time out my life. now doing the liberation mission most showed up but the final one's for the 5th Assassin did not,now I want assassin number 6 and some people say it's in New York which I can't see how, Yet the frontier shows 5Missions available to liberate but I have nothing on Screen to show me where they are or anything online to tell me exactly how to solve them.I have liberated all The Missions accordingly to where they all have 100% completion but I don't know how to get the last one and why is it so hard I just don't know,perhaps it's the many Glitches I keep having for my game,I pre-ordered the game and Got The collectors Edition which was well over 100 and change,I think 125. give or take,so I wasted countless hours due to glitches which someone needs to somehow compensate for because that's just B.S, and aggravating, I even wasted 4 or 5 hours looking for the last Liberation mission for the 5th assassin all for it to be at a location I visited Prior and when I finally do it,it Glitched so I wasn't allowed to finish it having me reset the game for it to work finally,I don't feel I need to waste more countless hours doing this so is there an exact guide for this that I don't have to pay for,and 2 whose going to compensate my time lost for these glitches? and now also since I'm talking about glitches I hate the Horses with a passion,How they can jump on to a large rock yet can't jump down a small one is beyond me and the fact my horse has gotten stuck many times on trees or water or air making me re-do missions as well,I have counted 7hours of unneeded wasted hours due to glitches,to the point I stopped playing like 2wks and now I want to try for the last Assassin and am afraid more glitching will effect further gameplay so who has the answers for me on these things,the game I would give a 9.7, due to glitches I take away 1point and due to the stupidity due to some glicthes another .5, so we have a game that was 9.7 down to what a 8.2,rounded off a game that should have been closer to a 10 is now closer to a 8 due to all this,I dont know if anybody had these same frustrations but I did and that's enough for me so Please assist me before I assassinate this game. Tks. :)

11-19-2012, 03:16 AM
Could I suggest utilizing paragraphs to seperate your major thoughts? I'm old and walls of text hurt my eyes.