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Pepe Thunder
11-18-2012, 06:18 AM
I have been confused about Connor's motives after finishing the game. It seems to me he should dislike everyone but his people at this point since the British are being helped by the Templar and the patriots basically tried to wipe his people and took over their lands despite the help he gave them. Yet after finishing the game he continues to help the people in towns and playing games with Washington yet killing patriot guards and soldiers same as he did with the red coats. Wen he takes over a fort he raises the colonial flag and helps the same guys who are now his enemies in cities take over. I just don't get what is going on anymore. Is he even an assassin anymore? Was he ever really an assassin? Being trained by an old man =/= being a member of an ancient order. Of all of Desmond's descendants, Connor seems to be the most clueless as to what is going on. In the end you have to wonder how Achilles trained him. He still thinks Juno is a spirit like his people did. Didn't Achilies tell him about the artifacts? You know, the reason the assassins exist?

11-18-2012, 01:30 PM
Lots of questions

Conner never fought for a side, only for the ideal of freedom. He learnt quickly that the patriots were the lesser of 2 evils, and only continued to help them because it was the only way to reach Charles Lee.
For the whole game, average soldiers on both sides were generic police forces, never attacking unless you broke laws or within missions, only concentrating on redcoats because they were being controlled by templars.
Even when he learnt that the templars were manipulating the Patriots as well, he still believed in freedom and worked only to remove templar involvement.
End game, he still hates Washington (agree the friendly game of bowls is a bit stupid), but he always knew Washington was an idiot but believed in the ideals of freedom, hoping the patriots would truly stick to the cause they claimed to uphold.
As for his people, Conner was always in conflict with his heritage and his responsibilities to the order, accepting in the end that change was coming and possibly not in a good way for his people

Achilles trained him to be an assassin only, leaving Conner to make his own decisions both for the "order" and his people, offering only advice (sometimes harsh)
The order was never really privy to the plans of those who came before, the war with the templars and the precursors were two different things. Achilles saying the link between "spirits" and assassins had been intertwined in the past wasnt him saying he knew of the precursors plan, only of unseen hands guiding (or driving) people in the past.

I wouldnt say Conner was clueless compared to the other Assassins, Ezio never learned what was going on, the strong and confident Ezio we see was only ever in relation to the rebuilding of the order and its war with the Templars, taking years off his mysterious quest between Brother Hood and Revelations to return them to glory.
When the order was strong, he stepped down and continued his quest for answers in to the precursors and Desmond, learning little and finally accepting he was a tool to help someone else for a greater purpose.

So for just about everything in all games, you have to remember that the war between Assassins and Templars was the human side of it, the factions (Patriots/Byzantine/Redcoats etc) were only groups with members from each side helping or controlling them. And finally the Precursors who worked through individuals for Desmond alone, not for any group.

11-18-2012, 01:36 PM
Connor is the ancestor, Desmond the descendant.

Once you've completed the Epilogue - heck, once it's available to be done - the story is over. Everything is static at that point, and isn't there to add to the actual story, but to let you complete non-story related side missions and just free roam. ALL the AC games have let you do this, so don't read too much into that.

When Connor was younger, he allied himself with Patriots because he thought that their ideals were the same - despite Achillies' protests. As he got older, and wiser, he realized that, while the Patriots' words and sentiment were true, their ideals weren't as "broad" as his. That is, when the Patriots spoke of freedom for all, they really meant freedom for us. The Assassins' goal, of course, actually is freedom for all.

Bear in mind, though, that Connor used the Patriots just as much as they used him. They helped him get to where he needed to be to kill his REAL enemy - the Templars.

11-18-2012, 02:48 PM
I think he becomes truly neutral at the end. For a while at the start he was supporting the Patriots, but as the game progressed he simply started to support the Revolution, rather than the people fighting for or against it. Then right at the end he realises that despite everything he did, he couldn't save his people, or his land.

He ends up hating Washington, but still doesn't want Charles Lee to lead the country simply due to the fact that he's a Templar, even though he might have been a superior leader.

11-18-2012, 03:46 PM
They did always say Connor fought for the greater good so he was in fact neutral

Pepe Thunder
11-21-2012, 10:17 PM
I still think Ezio was one of Desmond's descendants who had a clearer view of what was going on. He did hear Juno's messege directed to Desmond about the end of the world at the end of AC2 and his confusion was about who Desmond was. By the end of Revelations you can tell he has figured out the Desmond is somehow related to him because he realizes he watches everything he does and is always with him. he realizes he has done his part and works to keep the apple safe and maybe find more clues in Masyaf. Altair only ever had half the story never knowing about the end of the world. Connor just wanted to set his people free. At the end the most involvement he had in the over all story was he took the key from Lee and burried it. He didnt even know what it was.

On a side note, i would like to see what becomes of Washington and the apple. We know he eventually holds it (as seen from the video puzzles subject 16 left Desmond in the animus in AC2) and how Connor is involved if at all.

BTW the game really made Washington look impotent lol pretty ballsy move from Ubi, that was cool. On and Paul Revere... What a loud mouth!