View Full Version : Hunting clues ALL gone?

11-17-2012, 02:27 AM
Other than missions that specifically stipulate I have to follow hunting clues to find something...the clues to find various animals throughout all of the lands are non-existant. I've completed the game, but it seems they disappeared even before that. I can happen across lots of various watering holes for the elk and a lot of little patches of land teaming with the beavs, yet not a single clue to be found? If I happen across ANY animal it's completely by chance and not through any hunting skill or searching for clues

(and no, eagle vision does not help).

Seems a bit odd there's no clues for hunting anymore and just makes the whole hunting part of Connor's skill set a little redundant (unless we're meant to assume the more 'westernised' he becomes he loses his skill?

Shame, I occasionally find it hard to find the bears (and only seem to happen upon them when running for my life from redcoats).

11-17-2012, 04:36 AM
While on a Beaver farming trip I noticed that I hadn't seen a hunting clue the whole time I was killing the little rascals. Beaver are easy to find, easy to catch, easy to kill and are worth good money at the traders. I did do a Mission of tracking down some Bears and ever since then the Clues have permanently returned. Is it possible that the clues can be turned off in one of the option menus? other than that I don't have any other advice. Hopefully the clues return for you.