View Full Version : Common Assassins Creed III glitches

11-17-2012, 01:34 AM
I see Ubisoft is coming out with a new Thanksgiving Patch but I couldn't help but notice that many of the glitches I experienced in the game aren't listed under their patch. For instance, after the campaign, I lost my bow, almost lost my tomahawk, finding out after a fight that you have the ability to drop your primary weapons (since the drop weapon button is the same as the 'counter' button, its quite easy to do if your not careful)....and if you do that, there is no way to get them back unless you happen to notice them laying on the ground. The Boston icon in the Frontier disappeared. Luckily I remembered where I was supposed to go to get there. As well as some other smaller glitches that really frustrate me like....it would be during the night time in winter...and you will hit a cut scene that is during the day, in the Spring! Or how the horses glitch out if you happen to take them onto rocks lol. Or maybe the fact that after you beat the campaign, winter no longer exists! It turns into perpetual summer/spring. What the hell lol. Not a serious glitch, but enough to upset me since we have all grown to expect quite a bit from our Assassins games and this one seems to have dropped the ball when it game to refining. Any thoughts?