View Full Version : Couple annoying bugs here (PS3)

11-16-2012, 07:25 PM
I don't know if people are having the same issue on xbox/pc, but I have the twin holsters, and trying to use pitcairns pistols, it's only leaving me with one. Also i have the double barrel pistols, it alternates between 3 and 4 bullets(most of the time 3 for some reason) Another bug, viewpoints don't cover everywhere like they used to. The whole northeast side of new york is missing, thought playing the sequences might unlock more viewpoints, but after opening the map from the strat guide, it doesn't cover East countryside at all. It's not even showing my fast travel point that I even unlocked there. I don't understand how all viewpoints in this game don't even make it to the west borders or each map. I'm talking all of them, frontier is the worst. Northwest section is completely black. Please address these issues, especially an item thats not working appropriately. I spent $120, for everything on this game. I'm not even sure if I should have spent half the games value on a season pass. Seriously there better be 2 more single player maps coming, or you're ripping us off.