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11-16-2012, 06:13 PM
The Assassin's Creed franchise is great and one of my favourite series of games on the market today.

It was great to see how the games evolved from the initial concept, eventually coming to what it is today. I just wanted to share a couple of ideas with the community and see what kind of feedback they get.

Part 1: Customization through Experience & Rewarding Skilled Players Regardless of Style

One thing that Assassin's Creed has always had was a catering to the player, allowing them to choose the types of weapons they wanted to invest themselves in. The arsenal has been always adapted and changes from assassin to assassin. But I would like to see this have some sort of benefit.

One of the styles of gameplay in this is the stealth type, which is has become rarely necessary save mission or full sync constraints. So I'd like to suggest the addition of a game element that adds more emphasis or reward onto skilled play of the game.

This would be the addition of a sort of experience or Assassin prestige. So lets say you get a mission to assassinate a target inside of a fortress.

Instead of adding a full sync bonus for doing with mission and not being detected, when you complete the mission you get a set of bonus experience for not being detected.
You could receive bonus experience for the amount of guards left alive (let's say some arbitrary number like 50 xp). But you could also receive experience for the guards that you kill (say a lower rate like 10xp), however, performing a silent kill would boost that, as well as other things like a double assassination or a large killstreak combo.

This way, a player can both go the silent assassin style or the hardened warrior style and both receive experience for doing either in a skilled way.

So what's the point of the experience in the game?

In Assassin's Creed, you had to earn back your rank of full assassin, by progressing through the targets you get things like the counter-kill, etc.

So instead of starting out as a fully functioning death machine, you start the game as some sort of assassin recruit. As you gather experience you can "purchase" lessons from your master to learn things like fighting skills, like combo kills and counter kills. Or you could take on lessons with a particular type of weapon, whether to raise your ability to counter with the weapon type as a whole (adding a layer beneath the item bonuses), or skills with the weapon (such as using the rope dart to haul enemies closer in open conflict instead of only being able to assassinate them while incognito).

As you progress through your experience, you'd finally be able to get a few "masteries" such as a top proficiency with a primary weapon, a secondary weapon and the stealth style (like stealth).
Being a master of one skill could increase replay value, or this these masteries could be opened up post-game.

For example, the knife mastery would allow you to dual wield knives and fight as Connor does, whereas you'd normally use knives like Altair or Ezio.

A mastery in the rope dart would allow you to use it as an actual weapon in open conflict

And a mastery in the stealth style would allow you to be in open sight in front of guards for longer before they actually detect you or see you as a threat.

Part 2: Boost Replay with Mission Choices

This is a lesser developed idea, but mostly it breaks down to the player sometimes having to choose between going after one target or another. Though this idea could be branched out to choosing the set up of a mission, for example, let's say that Ezio is trying to get to a target held up in a fortress on a hill, Leonardo offers to set up the flying machine while Bartolomeo insists on attacking the fortress directly while La Volpe says that there are catacombes hidden beneath the fortress.

Part 3: TL;DR

Let players get experience from skilled game play and use this experience to purchase skills and weapon proficiencies from their assassin mentor.

Let the story branch in sometimes in terms of assassination targets, but more often in player choice for how to pursue the target.

Any and all feedback welcome.


Dan Pen 97
11-16-2012, 08:37 PM
They are all good well done :).

11-16-2012, 09:36 PM
They are all good well done :).

Thanks, I was just thinking of a way to allow players to both choose their style of assassin as well as giving a sense of growth in the character's skill.