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11-15-2012, 07:57 PM
So, I haven`t picked my copy yet, since release here in Brazil was delayed to 11/11 and I haven`t had the time since then, but my girlfriend managed to get an american copy in worldwide release day, and I have been playing with her.

Now, this game was supposed to come out with full brazilian portuguese audio, which Ubisoft announced a while ago. Near release, they stated that instead of coming on disc, the brazilian audio would be later released as a free DLC; the reasoning being that although the work was commissioned, the result was below their quality standards. I actually support this decision. Now, what I wanna know with this thread is:

1 - In the Desmond sequence passed in Brazil, the voice work is just HORRENDOUS. I mean, sorry, but the 3 or four different NPCs that speak portuguese were clearly dubbed by the same guy trying to make different voices, and all of them sounded like someone who was deeply intellectually challenged (not trying to be offensive here, but really...). Will the Brazilian-Portuguese DLC fix this sequence also (because Geez!)

2 - Subtitles and translation issues: Again, I`m sorry, but there are SO many translation issues in this game that I just can`t list (or even remember) them all. “Wolf`s hide” was translated to the portuguese equivalent of “Wolf`s hiding place” instead of “Wolf`s skin or carcass”. “Piece of Eden” was translated as “shard of paradise”. The “Leap of Faith” was translated as (I sh@#$ you not) “ANGEL`S JUMP”. I mean, these examples alone show not only that the team behind the brazilian portuguese translation was not technically prepared for such a task (the “wolf`s hide” is one example amongst many), but was also not familiar AT ALL with the mythology of the AC Universe (adapting “leap of faith” to Christian imagery? I mean, REALLY?). Not being enough, there are several side-missions in New York which don`t have subtitles at all (protecting farmers, planting forged documents, helping street kids. None of those had any subtitles at all).

3 - HUD issues. Those are on Multiplayer, mostly. But there are too many to count. The ones I remember from the top of my head are “The Revelead” being translated as “O Relevado” when it should have been “O Revelado” (again, really? No one catch that?) and the description of the Artifact Assault Mode which seems to have been directly cut and pasted from BabelFish or Google Translation, with instances of non-translated words in it. The first sentence is something like “Junte-se aos seus amigos para ROUBAR ARTIFACT” when it should be “junte-se aos seus amigos para ROUBAR ARTEFATOS” (see, the portuguese word. which not only exists, but is mentioned rlater in the same paragraph. o.O).

Now, I`m not trying to bash Ubi here (it`s probably not really their fault. We are FULL of incompetent professionals posing as competent ones here in Brazil. Sad really), but I`m also deeply disapointed with the poor quality of this translation. I mean, I`d have done better, and I`m not a translator, you know?

So, what I wanna know is; will the Brazilian-Portuguese DLC fix all (or, at least, some) of these issues, or will it just be an audio addition?

On another note, Although AC: Revelations never had portuguese audio, the translation in HUDs and subtitles was FLAWLESS. If I could recomend some fix, would be to get those guys back to do the work. (And if they are the same guys, ****, that`s a fast decline for a company)

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12-19-2012, 02:29 AM
Well, the thing is, we have the best voice actors in the world but, as I've seen in Uncharted 3, the video game industry insists in making a horrible (probably cheaper) dub. And, even though AC3 does has some issues with the PORT-BR voice acting, it does shows much more quality than past games. Perhaps this is a turning point... Point being: it doesnt suck and make it unplayable. Brazilian players that don't speak English will surely enjoy it.

EDIT: This time arround the voice actors actually act instead of just reading the bloody text, making some horrendous literal translations.

06-08-2013, 01:19 AM
Has anyone noticed any problem with brazilian portuguese dlc?

Well, I've just downloaded it and, I don't know why, the image during gameplay became blurry (not in cutscenes). I had to disable it so the image went back to normal. Not a problem with portuguese subtitles whatsoever.

Do you guys know what can I do to solve this?

Thanks in advance!