View Full Version : Sequence 2: Soldier- Attempting 100% Sync

11-15-2012, 02:30 AM
So I have finished the entire game, and now attempting 100% sync completion. So far Sequence 2: Soldier is holding me up. This is the mission where you must ambush Braddock's convey to rescue the Austrian guy (forgot his name). Everything is easy-peasy until I have to kill the Snitches before they alert guards. Obviously I can't kill them while tailing, and I have to kill them at the ambush location.

I can't ever seem to get to them in time. There are probably 8-9 (Possibly more) soldiers surrounding me, so it's hard to even target the right person without killing something else/getting hit. Even when I do manage to kill the snitch before he alerts the guards (I am assuming yelling "GUARDS, HALP MEH!" will trigger it), a patrol always comes in to give me a bad day. I have retried this mission way too many times, for something that seems so trivial. It's not like I am horrible either, Stealth mission are a breeze and 20 guards surrounding me with intent to kill is a walk in the park.

TL;DR: Having hard time killing snitches without getting hurt (delaying me). When I do kill them, a patrol always pops up, even before. Dunno if the game is buggy/glitchy, or if I am just doing it wrong. This is the only mission where I have encountered difficulty throughout the whole campaign for 100% Sync.


11-15-2012, 02:40 AM
...And I logged into the wrong account to post this. Genius.