View Full Version : Awesome game except... [spoilers]

11-14-2012, 01:10 PM
First post so hopefully this is the right place.

Most of the game I really liked; the new combat system, naval missions, free running through trees and being able to hide in more places. The trading system can be tedious but was better than buying a whole city.

The things I didn't like were the final battle with Haytham and chasing Lee. Are barrels his kryptonite or something? I can defeat him by kicking him into a piece of wood but the weapons I've been using the whole game are now useless? It would have been better if we had to hide while we recovered enough to fight normally, moving from place to place as Haytham searches for you. Then Haytham would have time for a big speech about the whole templar ideology. Chasing Lee was more frustrating than challenging. Seems like assassinating Lee would have been the perfect time for the classic "do not be detected" challenge but instead there's a weird chase and an awkward bar scene.

I still enjoy the game and will play through again but those "boss" battles were an odd way to take out the most important templars of the game.