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11-13-2012, 09:11 PM
i wanted to creat this thread to post ideas for features for the next game.
If there is a thread please notify me, but as far as i could see no thread was dicussing this subject only.
Also this is not a thread to complain about what you didn't like, I only want constructive ideas.

So to start of then i have a few ideas and will be updating them:

- make the hood a gameplay feature so it has effect on the people around you and the guards. So you are more notorious when you wear the hood, but not wearing the hood will result in for instance a street fight people helping you because they recognize you.

- make different summer and winter clothing or add an extra layer to when it is cold. it helps to make the game even more realistic.

-freeze the lakes when it is winter to make new pathways. but also have a risk to it.

- in naval have an option to leave the steer and walk around the ship. Also and obciously free roam

- maybe when entering a boat make it part of the gameplay that you swing with a rope to the other boat. (now we have this little cutscene weher they jump.

- expand the brotherhood again.

- this one is actually very important for me as a stealth fan: have an option to crouch like you do know automatically in the stalking zones but then that you can chose to crouch and with this also be able to stay out of the line of sight of your enemie

(i'll have more ideas coming!!) i hope you guys have some great ones too

11-13-2012, 09:38 PM
An idea that stuck me as cool would be to have a male and female protagonist in the same game. Give two different perspectives on the game world... Connor and Aveline's different perspectives as a man and woman in the same period is what gave me the idea, coupled with the announcement that GTA is going to have multiple protagonists in its next installment. They could even do it with Connor and his eventual wife; if they eventually met and had a child, both of their memories could be relived by the same person in the present.

11-13-2012, 10:48 PM
I would like to be able to run on walls a bit. I have seen people do it, obviously not to the point of unrealisticity but for it to exist would be nice, and different animations for air assassinations for different weapons so doing it with a sword, knife or tomahawk would all look different, although the presence of the tomahawk is unknown for the next game. Also, all four seasons, more levels to tree running, like buildings have, and actual stealth mechanics besides blending and corner cover. There should be shadow hiding, crouching, cover hugging, cover transfer, cover transfer assassinations, climbing assassinations like in batman arkham city when he uses his legs to choke people out for example, more hide spots, more realistic stalking zones( crouching in shallow grass does not make you invisible), more use of the rope dart for stealth and in more traditional ways like it is meant to be used, along with disarming people with it, basically make it a "primary weapon", though I think that we should be able to assign a primary weapon to Y or triangle to dual wield weapons in our own combinations, running and slashing with all blade weapons without slowing down for the running assassination, shoe blade, backward facing hidden blades on the arms so it's like it's coming out of the elbows, which would make for some cool counter moves, though that isn't the only way the blades come out, they come out like before too, same would be for the shoe blade, crawling or going prone as in COD, an optional first person mode, again, it would be optional, for what I think would be increased immersion, with fully formed body so we can look down and see our shoulders, chest, abdomen, legs, arms, and don't have the weapons right in front of the face, just have icons on screen, and you can look down to see your weapon, and press the d-pad to see the hidden blade come out. More emphasis on non-lethal fighting(that doesn't mean with no weapons, it just means non-lethal), I'm tired of killing everyone, I only need to kill the target, I don't care if the modern day story is an TPS if it is done right, more mission freedom, more disguises, less fluff missions like delivery requests and courier missions, more random events with wide variety, more NPC facial models (Possibly created via a face generator system that randomizes faces to a certain extent so we don't wind up with crazy faces) NPCs transition from task to task and aren't still out at night, save for a few who may work late at night or hang out at night but I don't want to see crowded cities at night, no more animal QTEs, free aim with ranged weapons like the bow, under water assassinations(not just pulling people into the water), blood clouds water, blood puddles, blood soaks snow if in snow, buildings that are less far apart, free roaming in AC3 isn't that fun because of this problem. Return drowning like in AC1(just not for the assassin) fix the water physics because swimming looks bad. Improve horse navigation, it feels tacked on and unfinished as it is. More realistic noises for hitting people with bladed weapons, it sounds pretty fake as it is, more realistic and dynamic wrinkling and movement of cloth, more realistic textures, more free running animations and style to movement(great job in ac3) more advanced climbing to climb up more realistic and organic looking trees, and more trees(most of the trees were the same in AC3) and more rock climbing. more fighting animations, have the knife with it's own animations, more animals(don't know if I said that yet), return of kicking, but with more depth than Ezio's single repeated nut kick, maybe run on a new engine(I don't believe that anvil next is a whole new engine, just an updated really updated version of the old one) Virtual training. I could go on and on, but I'm done for now.