View Full Version : [Inferno] Kal Azzar - Spellcontrol (manytrees version^^)

11-13-2012, 08:30 PM
Hero (1):
Kal Azzar, Invoker of Agony

Events (5):
Week of Knowledge (4)
Market of Shadows (1)

Creatures (14):
Maniac (4)
Succubus (4)
Dark Assassin (3)
Pao Deathseeker (3)

Fire Bolt (4)
Inner Fire (4)
Weakness (3)
Town Portal (4)
Fireball (4)
Soulreaver (3)
Shadow Image (4)
Arcane Ward (2)
Firestorm (2)
Armageddon (3)
Puppet Master (3)

Basic Playstyles (depending on your Opponent and your hand):
Version 1: Take an early Week of Knowledge draw (and maybe also Hero draw) and up magic first. Try to survive with your magic spells and your heroes ability (very usefull in this stage). After turning around with Armageddon/Puppet Master you can deploy your low creatures and control the board as you wish.

Version 2: Go 2 points in might first and drop some early creatures. Then get rid of enemy blockers with spells and slowly deal damage turn by turn ... your opponent should drop to ~10 HP. Lategame, after complete Armageddon wipe and 2-3 turns where enemy builds up again, you can win with Pao Deathseeker + Inner Fire + Town Portal tricks.

Very solid gameplay - due to the generally low manacurve you can always do something ^^.
Pretty much solid autowin against most creature based decks (that don't use manastorm ...).
Very interesting games with a slight advantage against other spell based non OTK decks like Ariana or Namtaru decks.

OTK decks pretty much autowin against this deck ... even packing dispell AND week of Taxes wont help.
Every single manastorm slows this deck down to a point where its not really fun to play - still it can win against manastorm using creature based decks.
This deck has a slight chance against Siegfried prison lock ... but like most decks normally it just dies to it ^^.

Depending on the current meta i sometimes adjust the numbers of the cards ... if you go against lot of necros you want 4 Weakness and fewer fireballs for example. Against haven and inferno 4 fireballs are just a must. Against Namtaru you can toss the Dark Assassins ... against non spell users you want 4 of them. I also don't think that you need 4 Armageddon and 4 Puppets as you need a lot of low cost spells for a solid start.

11-13-2012, 09:00 PM
Nice deck, currently trying to invent something with Kal-Azzar, sad that I have only single armagedon and no asasins...

11-13-2012, 09:20 PM
Nice Deck and fun to play. Maybe you could use a Soul syphon, it can save your life sometimes (especially with Armageddon).
You use 2 Arcane wards? Just for Armageddon? I would remove them and add 1 Time jump + 1 weakness, or add Immolations.

11-13-2012, 10:48 PM
As you said sometimes they are just genius around 4th - 5th turn - To block a magic damage dealer, wipe the field with armageddon (6th - 7th) and still get some damage throu.

The cards that I most likely drop for the heroes ability if needed are: Inner Fire, Weakness, Fireball, Arcane Ward - so those are the cards that can be swaped around for other cards.

For my playstyle i just love the Arcane Ward cause you can use it in many different ways (constant damage against other spell decks, survives Armageddon, can block Magic damage creatures, forces enemy to use a Pao to get rid of that thing instead of dealing damage to your hero)

I played with timejump in this deck for a while but in the end i barely ever used it. You have too few creatures out on the field to really make use of it and as a finisher the Pao's are more efficient.

11-13-2012, 11:25 PM
Seems very funny to play but needs a lot of rare cards. :_____ ( I have 0 shadow image. -_-