View Full Version : Outfit / Animus Hack discussion ( Feedback Please )

11-13-2012, 07:13 AM
What i want to address is the Outfits personally . I know probably , a lot of people have already asked this but why the mediocre outfits . First of all i love the basic assassin outfit but, of course the hood doesnt come down . Yeah i know it symbolizes that and this but to me , having the hood down is all about being unnoticed and sneaky . Like desmond figures in the story . OR even at schools , your not aloud having your hood down because they cant tell who you are ! See my point ? With that said is there any update when this patch is going to come out ? So back to the outfits . I loved Ezio's outfit and altair's .... (but) they didnt put any work on them . Its like they just copy and pasted them to connor's body . By what i mean is, Ezio's cape doesnt come down , you can see his feet hit and come though the robe , Altair's robe is attached to his legs , when your swimming with Ezio's robe it looks like his cape is a bird trying to fly out of the water lol. Im pretty sure there's more than that , what im trying to get at is here is there anyway you guys can fix this ? Patch, Update , DLC . I would in fact pay Microsoft Points for them to fix this small thing . I know they can because look at Connors new outfit its perfect ! Or maybe include more outfits like ezio's navy blue robes , throwbacks , that type of thing . When i found out you could make connors outfit red and white i freaked out and i was in heaven ... just because of the colors ! Next the hack's .... i love the idea i think its awesome . But can you turn on weather and make it winter with it still putting your stats in the leaderboards? Or some kind of bypass, glitch anything! i think its beautiful with the snow everywhere ! But i also want to keep making it in the leaderboards , not to mention the leaderboards is an awesome idea for competition among friends . So please community , Ubisoft , give me some feed back. Sorry for being so harsh or i dont if you like this kinda stuff to make your games better .....