View Full Version : Question about "Liberation missions"

11-12-2012, 10:03 PM
So I love walking... ok fine running, sprinting, climbing so on so forth, around the cities and seeing a liberation mission like "stop the exicution" or "protect the family from being evicted" and I find that that is one thing that sets this game apart from the rest of the AC games, you can interact with the city in that dimension, but I have one question.

If I do all the liberation missions, will I still see the execution missions or no? Like in the other games people yelled at you for running and that was it, I really hope that these continue after you complete them all. any ideas guys?

11-16-2012, 02:29 AM
So far as I am aware, no. I have completely liberated New York, and there are none of those side missions available anymore, and I have yet to run into anything on a random basis like that.

11-16-2012, 03:10 AM
Once you complete the Liberation Mission it will not occur again EVER (on that save). So as long as it is active or failed, it will keep reappearing until finally completed.