View Full Version : Theory about Pivot Points and AC4 (SPOILERS for AC3 and Liberation)

11-11-2012, 11:57 PM
So, I was discussing with fellow fans of the AC series about pivot points, Ac4, and who the guy was. And I have a theory:

If any of you have played Liberation, Project Legacy, and Brotherhood, you would know about Erudito. Erudito is a hacker who really hates Abstergo and wants the truth out there. He (or they) wants to take down Abstergo. In Liberation, he communicates with you, the player, and tells you find the truth by killed Citizen E. In Project Legacy, he also gives players the truth through emails and other things. In Brotherhood, he gives Desmond the passwords to access the email account of Shaun, Lucy, and Rebecca to "stay in the loop".

In the epilogue of AC3, you here a person talking to you. He tells you to find pivot points. Once you do, you get the message about being synchronized with The Cloud as well as a code. I recall someone one another forum deciphering the code you get and they simply get the letter "E". E = Citizen E = Erudito.

Which got me thinking: With the true ending to Liberation and the epilogue in AC3... what if the person in the animus is the player? The player is the one who is related to Eve and works alongside Erudito. Outside the animus, everything you see and do is in first person, but when you're inside the animus, you're third person playing as Connor.

What would you guys think of AC4 as a half-1st person and half-3rd person?

11-12-2012, 12:58 AM
That's some major 4th wall breaking.