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11-11-2012, 01:25 PM
So whenever I walk up to a courier mission or an assassination contract, all that happens is the guy says "thank you!" or something along those lines. I haven't done anything for this guy, I don't know what he wants me to do in order to earn his thanks...I just don't understand it. What am I missing? I read in another thread that deleting the game and reinstalling and then redownloading the patch might make this work? Does this mean that I'm deleting what I've played so far, or is that just deleting the game off the hard drive?

I'm so confused with these missions.

11-11-2012, 04:10 PM
Bumping. I know I'm not the only one who has had issues with this.

11-11-2012, 04:17 PM
Actually it's meant to be that way. You've done nothing wrong and re-installing won't help either. When you walk up to these guys they'll give you an amount of tasks to do. Press the 'back' button on your controller (don't know what it's called like on PS3). Go down to 'logbook', then to the right to open the submenu. Here you'll see all kinds of challenges and clubs. Go down to whatever you're searching for and you'll see the tasks you'll have to do.
If you're delivering letters I believe several icons appear on your map, you'll need to deliver the letters to those locations.
There's also challenges where you need to collect several items either through crafting, buying or looting. Once you have them all I think you'll need to head back for the guy you spoke to. (haven't actually completed one of those myself so I can't really tell what happens after)

11-11-2012, 04:25 PM
Oh really? So that's how I learn about new challenges? I haven't really been checking the log book terribly often, so I'll keep track of that next time.

11-11-2012, 04:30 PM
Oh really? So that's how I learn about new challenges? I haven't really been checking the log book terribly often, so I'll keep track of that next time.

I didn't even know it existed at first, whilst actually it's something important in the game.
If you accept these challenges you'll also get an update in the right upper corner of your screen, but if you want to re-read the given tasks, they're in the logbook.

11-12-2012, 04:01 AM
Once you go up to them and they say "Thank you" look at your mini map and you'll see envelope icons on there. You need to go to those people and deliver mail you've been given by the first person you bumped into.

11-12-2012, 06:38 AM
The courier missions are the things like "deliver all the letters" etc. For some reason you just "have" the letters and you just hand them over when you see the icon on the map.

It seems more or less just by entering a district, suddenly you're informed of items that need handing over to the people in that district and those too are generally the same thing, and they'll give you their "everlasting gratutitude". Usually they're items that you have to go through alot of tedious work and time to make on the homestead. I'd like to know where Connor got that magical pocket of his that holds everything but never bulges (god that sounded so wrong on so many levels).