View Full Version : AC III Lost Saved Game Data on Xbox 360

11-11-2012, 09:54 AM
As the title says, i lost my saved game data. Currently at Sequence 9. I can't find the data anywhere in my XBOX 360 hard drive, it's just not there anymore.

I was experiencing no problems before this and all of a sudden when i turned on my 360 today it's gone. I didn't post this in the liberation thread because it might be another issue. I don't know. Is there ANY way i can recover my saved game data? Or do i have to play the **** thing all over again.

Also, i just accessed my UPLAY and i can see that i have met some of the achievements which are evidence to the fact that i have indeed completed at least upto sequence 6. So what's the problem here, what do you think happened to my saved game data? Anyone else with this problem ? :mad: