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11-11-2012, 09:20 AM
Where to begin... I wont go into the step by step detailed analysis of the game, there are enough of them out at this point that the general gist of the gameplay can be determined without my input. With that being said want to give a shout out to Ubisoft.


The navy part of this game is absolutely amazing. If you aren't currently creating a series based off of this but with a slightly better storyline you all need your heads checked. I spent *HOURS* replaying navy battles so that i could get the best results. Do this in a non-historic but wooden ship filled world and you probably could go MMO with it. And I would throw my money at you every month. Before rent and food.

Sadly... that was the only positive...

I bought the first AC on day one, i got in on the ground floor as it were. I fell in love with the free running, Altair was a total badass and the end of the story left you begging for more.

The 3 games with Ezio were all great too.. I didn't always like/use all the new features, but there was a consistent story-line that seemed to be an undercurrent throughout the series that covered for a lot of sins. Plus each game tried to give you more control over the world you lived in, through minion assassins to control or purchasing stores.

AC3 did not have any of that. Oh you got to upgrade your boat.. but whoop de doo .. after you get enough to fix that up the economy of the game is pointless. And dont get me started on having to push 6 buttons for each item sold x all the slots.. Sell all furs needed to be an option.

The first quarter of the game was played at Haythim. I actually approved of this plot device. It was a total shock to me, and when Desmond found out I was right along with him in going WTF??? And then came the disappointment.... Aka. Conner. In the series of games he is the one character who is the weakest written. He comes off as two dimensional and his interactions with his father are abysmal. I actually ended up agreeing with the Templar way of thought about halfway though this game just because of Conner.

As a side note.. I absolutely *love* the American Revolution as a time period in history. There is so much depth of character when you look into the founding fathers and the British generals who fought them. This game did not do either side justice. I wanted to punch Washington after the very first interaction with him in game.

So.. Fast forward through the entire playable game (I got to 65% showing completed on the load screen before the "last mission" popped up out of no where) and get to the final cut-scene. This is where your writers make their money. They've got 4 amazing games of history to build off of, upwards of 160hrs of continuous game-play. After all of that (which btw I replayed so that the whole series would remain fresh in my mind) the writers choose to just have Desmond die to pursue some totally terrible end scene were apparently Juno goes off to do whatever she wants?? That was the best you all could come up with? I'm appalled.

This ending was worse than the Mass Effect 3 ending.. At least there i got to choose the color of the "screw you" the writers gave me.

And then we get the credits... Upwards of 15mins of credits.. and the entire time i'm fuming.. going "This cant possibly be it... surely the last quarter of the game will be after the credits because the folks making this game know we'd skip their names otherwise.. "

No... Sadly no....

Instead we get to bury the old man and watch the British sail off..

Writers of AC3.. Are you for real?? That ending is *shameful*. As someone who's trained in the video game creation industry this is an absolutely shameful way to end such an amazing series. And the part that gets me is that no one said "Hey this ending is a little bad" in the editing process. I sincerely hope there is another game planned, because if this is the end of the series then I personally wish I had *never* played your final game. It was worse than Mass Effect 3.. hands down... And that's saying something because this game series was so much more than ME3 could ever hope to be. I honestly had a lot of negative things to say and this is the censored version. I was a total fan of your games and i own every single game. And now I'm ashamed of that.

11-12-2012, 01:50 AM
Came here to give your thread a bump, as we both seem to be in complete agreement about many things in the other thread. I will point out that i think alot of Conners story was constricted by the historical veracity of the game. It simply inebriated the writers from creativity. They were so worried about people finding holes in the Revolution story they never got to spread the wings like they did in AC2. Or Brotherhood, or ACR. And while thats fine and good, its clear to me that the resources of this game were dumped into the AnvilNext. They tried to do so much we can all see the shortcommings. I will say that i will not pre-order AC4. Ill wait and watch the cut-scenes, i just cannot justify dumping another 60$ of my hard earned money into something that cant even try to leave me satisfied.

Unlike you, i have no video game or creative arts backround. I do have a substantial amount of knowledge from a case of OCD in understanding things, which as i kinda demonstrated about the timeline thing. Thing is, when i was younger i would watch all sorts of sci-fi and get very interested in the concepts they threw around. I could never wrap my head around it which lead me to figure it out. This isnt to say im some Hawking contemporary, but all of what i know i dont meet many people that grasp what im talking about half the time. The downside is now most movies aside from comedies are poorly researched. I never see a movie that grips me about concepts anymore. I just get cynical when they try to brush off some advanced concept with a poor example.

Which leads us into this game. Im just going to blast off all the plot holes i personally found.

--Desmond goes to rescue dad, trading AOE. I dont need to elaborate, its like trading a nuke for a hostage thats wired to go off once your far away, and knowing its rigged this way.

--Minervas Pre-Cog conundrum---We went into this in detail, it just is a bad paradox

--Minervas seemingly "flowing" perspective of time. Its like Minerva has some basic cognition even when shes dead. Whatever device emits her hologram clearly also has a personality.

--The EYE....How they can present a device, and have us use it, and never for one second talk about what it does is insane. Ok, it stores Junos "pattern of existance" Clearly they already tried this in putting the mind into a metal body, a cyborg of types. It didnt work. Why does this? And how does it grant Juno Immortality? If the power fails in the temple, does it have a back-up? The temple was powered down when we entered. Why didnt shaun pick up this power source?

Desmonds Decision- So many flaws i cant even start. Juno is a god, how does he propose we stop her? POE dont work on her people. Inadvertantly maybe, but not directly. And she can make more. Or stop a being that has pre-cognition? She knows your next move, its just unjustifiable. And on the other hand, how can the Pre-cog of the reboot of humanity be accurate? I hate how they assert history will repeat itself, because not one aspect is the same. They have a flipping animus, and a good chunk of the new humanity will have Desmonds bloodline. They can use the animus for education. No words can be twisted. Not to mention they have the grand temple.

Desmonds Electrocution- Ok, i know they wanted a what just happened moment here. But, given so many what ifs presented above, your already thinking wait, back up, explain. By the time the credits roll, your going to want to chuck your controller. You know what this means. No more anwsers till you cough up another 60 bucks.
Pivots-Seems alot like some plot device to let you still play as conner while eliminating Desmond.

Junos Plot- All together it could have been a great twist. But it still really isnt. Do you expect me to believe a race of pre-human humanoids can build up a society faster than us, evolve faster than us, and still have *******s like this kicking around? Does anybody realise were we would be if all those "Junos" never existed? No Dark Ages, no Crusades, no inquisitions, ect ect. They propose a species capable of incredible things but somehow this ******* is screwing things up? Common, this may be my weakest argument alongside desmonds death, however the point remains. How capable a species is of excelling in co-operation usually means there survival or extinction. Somehow they let a tyrannical monster rise up through the ranks, never caught wind of it, and then screws over Jupiter and Minerva. Jupiter being the king of them all and Minerva being the queen of calculation. Common. Juno may be a mean *****, but i cannot believe that a species capable of insane amounts of advancement over a short period of time can harbour these types.

The writing is pathetic. I should be wondering what the next step is, not pointing out all the crap you missed or just didnt care about. I really really really really really hope at least one AC3 writer reads this and is insulted. You should be. Do you see the pile youve created? I live in Canada, ill work as creative consultant for free if it meant this hunk was better written. Or Alex Hutchinson himself. Im calling you out. And im sure me and the OP will blast this turd of a game into oblivion of contradictions while you keep blabbing about how you dont owe us anything and we should be grateful. You already handle every PR situation as badly as you could. Why not just call us out and tell us not to play if we dont like it. Oh, thats right. We also paid for the last 4 games and this one. Ubisoft, grow a set and tell your investors to stuff it. Because you illustrate so well for gamers how in this franchise its oh so easy to sell out. Your not even making it hard to draw these lines horizontal back to you. Stop selling out, we get it, your excited your game made it this far. But now its face down in a ditch with the meat wagon comming to put it to rest forever. Sometimes your writers need to step back and look at the whole thing, and say hey, we should stay true to our story and our promises to fans. Because when you do this kind of crap, promise all sorts of resolution, to profound questions presented in the last 4 games, and we dont get them, were left rubbing our arses and wondering who took our money. I could see you dismissing this if i was some ranting child, and maybe thats how you see it. But both i and the OP see serious flags getting raised, and im going to keep telling all my buddies that they can pass this one over. Im going to make one big, long email and dump it into your inbox. Hopfully it hurts your feelings. Because you hurt mine with this pile. Its like i cared more about this game than you did. That hurts the most.

BTW Shugo, if you havnt read, google "Ubisoft nervous about AC3 ending" Thats all i need to see they knew what crap they threw at us. Hutch himself knew and tries to templar us into justifying it. WOWZERS batman, i think we just got ripped off.