View Full Version : Assassins creed 3 Ratings

11-11-2012, 07:23 AM
What do you think of the game and it's multi-player. Also, on a Scale of 0-10 what do you score it as?
Single Player-9.5/10, for a Making sense Main story, New artifact(Was getting old of the same Apple of Eden), Frontier is Amazing, Hunting is Amazing, And I love the New Animations and Climbing engine. Didn't get ten because, the Trailers had False stuff in it, Lied about Big battles, Lied about Canoeing, and they Cut out all the Good stuff. I was really expecting to be able to Carry a Rifle at all times, but The Game was Great, and it was time for something new. This Assassins creed would be my favorite if it wasn't for the good memories of Ezio in AC2.
Multi-Player- 5.5/10, Just Complete and uter Garbage. Took Skill out of the game, New ability's like Glimmer, and money bag make it to easy for people to kill people, Capture points, and it just ruins the Element of Risking and Surprise. ACB had the Best Mp in my eyes. Didn't have as many Modes, but it took skill, and was loads of fun due to basic engine and not ability's pretty much handing you everything.

There's my scoring, now tell me yours!:rolleyes::D