View Full Version : Misleading objectives! Where do I deliver letters?

11-11-2012, 05:59 AM
Overall I love this game. I like where ubi is trying to go with game. But here is just a few of the things I find worth objecting. One is how when you get to an objective point, like a frontiersmen or the couriers you do not get the place of delivery shown on your HUD map, you have to wait till you wonder in to that part of the map. I had delivered several letters before I realized I was doing it. When you get there the man just says "Thank you sir" or something like it and that is it. I just thought it didnt really guide you in any way. I love the naval missions, but in brotherhood the game felt like it took an eternity to finish and I did not finish most of the side missions, then in rev. It seemed like i finished it in a day or two, mind you I did not really get into most of the side missions. The one's for outfits and weapons was about it, speaking of I cannot believe there is not a side mission for an outfit, there has been in the previous games. I wish they would tie more of the side stuff in with story. I will be interested to see if this is the last installment.