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11-11-2012, 05:42 AM
There's a list of problems I have with the gameplay. I play the Xbox 360 version of ACIII.

When following someone who has similar agility as you do (e.g. Haytham) are extremely SLOW. Even when in mid-jump to follow the person, I end up running into the person ahead of me and falling all the way down and losing 90% of my health. It's as if the person turned into an obstacle in mid flight.
Tree viewpoints are wrong. Free run does not detect branches towards the top of the tree viewpoint. Frequently I find myself dying just jumping from branch to branch because free run doesn't recognize the next branch when I SEE IT IN FRONT OF ME.
Almanac pages make no sense to capture because they phase through objects and free run makes it impossible to obtain it because Connor seems to want to jump on every God forsaken chimney and outcrop on a building before reaching the page. Also, sometimes the page even floats too high for the player to even reach by any means (it goes higher than the rooftop it spawns on). By the time I get close to it, it disappears.
Assassinating a targeted enemy on horseback is a gamble. You don't know if you'll actually hit and kill your target.
The battle camera during open conflict constantly fluctuates leaving me blind or unable to see anything around me when in a slightly closed area. When the camera actually decides to function normally, the camera will pan from an 8 person battle to just Connor and the person he's finishing, leaving you blind to counterattacks and taking damage.
The weapon wheel compared to Assassin's Creed: Revelations is annoying and time consuming whereas Revelation's wheel you can just hold down RB, adjust the analog stick once, and you've selected your weapon. Sliding through your weapons in ACIII is slow and sticky.
The fact that there is a completely unnecessary aiming crosshair bothers me for a few reasons. One, when targeting an enemy and the enemy gets out of range, the aiming reticle is still up. There should be an option to either toggle or hold down Left Trigger to aim with the reticle. Highlighting targets was a big thing for me in AC:R and the fact that it's completely rewired interrupts the ability for me to enjoy the game.

These are my biggest pet peeves. I've no problem with the story and I think it's great, but this revamp of the user interface is pretty awful.

11-11-2012, 06:13 PM
Hi clone12TM, I will move your thread to the AC3 forum as you posted in the CSI forum.

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