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11-10-2012, 10:53 PM
Hi guys,I feel like I'm a headless chicken trying to find warren and prudence. I am in sequence 5 and have completed memory 4 ( river rescue). After hiring Godfrey & Terry I went on a search for Warren & Prudence. I found Lance, fantastic. Now, for Warren & Prudance (this was 2 days ago). I go back to the frontier to no avail, I go the homestead to no avail.Then I post a thread and get advise to go to Boston and then back to the frontier in the hope that might trigger them and also follow a link to a strategy guide. After checking that all seemed to be in order. ie, I did not miss via completing to many memories. Ok, that's great. So I decided to go on a trinket, treasure chest and feather hunt. If Warren and prudence are out there. I will find them. 2 days later(present time). I have collected all treasure chest(except the forts), all trinkets(except New York), all feathers, all hunting challenge and mission, all frontiersmen mission available in the frontier and Boston and still no Warren and Prudence any where including the guides suggestion of Lexington. So, what should I do know? I would like to achieve 100% therefore don't wont to go past anything. As there is no multiple save option I am hesitant to complete sequence 5 in the belief that if I start sequence 6 I might not be able to recruit/hire them as they might not be available past a certain point. Would anybody now what to do from here please?thank you.