View Full Version : 100% preventing Glitches

11-10-2012, 09:17 PM
Ubisoft...I honestly cannot express my anger enough. I literally cannot play through an entire mission without Connor falling through a building or getting killed by invisible wolves on the frontier. It ranges from sub par lip synching to glitches that prevent 100% completion of the game. I have been a loyal fan to assassin's creed since the very first game. I bought the spin offs, watched all the movies, and even played project legacy on Facebook.and in each and every one of them I took pride in getting 100%. Its freaking 2012 and no other previous game has had a glitch that prevents 100% like this one. I cannot access 100% in west new York's underground with south market. And I cannot complete any of the constraints for sequence 9 because Connor refuses to stay solid on top of a building. I paid 65 dollars for a buggy game so I hope the frustration is understood. Please hurry and fix this.