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11-10-2012, 05:48 PM
I was just browsing around the forums and I've seen a lot of people reporting bugs about the campaign missions. These optional objectives are not bugs or impossible, you just need to rethink your strategy. I already 1005 sync AC3 with 30 hours of gameplay, so I'll share my knowledge.

Also before we start, I suggest finishing ALL the sidequest before finishing the story. Some of the missions are bugged.

Sequence 6 - Memory 4: Hostile Negotiations

Limit Native American Casualties - 0/1
Reach Johnson Undetected
Perform swan dive to escape
Completed all constraints in one playthrough

Jump down then go to the cliff on the right side. Do not swim towards the cliff, free-run to reach it. You should encounter 2 Bears on the way, then you're doing it right. Ledge Assassinate the guards and use your bow for the rest. As soons as you get near the mansion, a cutscene will appear. Skip the cutscene (you can replay it later) and you should spawn in a bush with 2 guards on patrol in front. This is not a bug, as everyone believes. Wait for the guards to move but do not kill them. There should be a tree in front of you then sprint and you should end up on top of the manor. Johnson's Script to execute will begin as soon as you reach a certain distance around the manor, so act quickly. Air assassinate him and either fight or run to the nearest cliff then jum off into the waters.

Sequence 7 - Memory 3: Conflict Looms

Cross Charlestown without taking damage
Air Assassinate a Grenadier
Remain undetected while on ships
Completed all constraints in one playthrough

Charlestown is pretty easy to cross, just stay on the move and don't stop even for 1 sec. You should arrive at a pier and receive an order to destroy 2 ships. Go on the right one first and ledge assassinate the Officer(Guys with tall hats) on the ship. He is the only one you need to kill. Get up and FAST WALK(do not use High-Profile) to the gunpowder and detonate it, then escape quickly. Head off to the ship on the left. As soon as you get near the ship, immediately climb to the crow's nest. They will detect you slowly. But do not be afraid, their detection meter will turn red but will never be filled once you reach a high enough altitude. Kill everyone with a bow except the Grenadier. Grenadier/Brutes are the guys who wear a skirt and wield an axe. Air assassinate him.

Sequence 7- Memory 4: Battle of Bunker Hill

Air assassinate Pitcairn without being detected
Cross the Battlefield without taking damage
Limit Regular Kills- 0/4
Completed all constraints in one playthrough

Probably the most annoying mission in the game. Contrary to people's belief, the battlefield segment is NOT Random or luck based. There is actually a pattern. I observed that they fire every 3 or 4 seconds and every millisecond exposed matters. This mean DO NOT RUN IN A ZIGZAG. You are fighting against super accurate AIs, running in a Zigzag increases your chance of being shot. The directions are FORWARD-RIGHT-FORWARD LEFT- FORWARD LEFT-FORWARD. Once you reach the 2nd rock (the one on the right of the first one) you should see a bunch of soldiers lining up, wait for them to die. The reason is they're the ones blocking your way, forcing you to travel diagonally instead of a straight line. There should be a knocked-down tree in front of them

To assassinate Pitcairn, go to the left side of his camp. There should be a bunch of tents and a lone Officer. Dispose him with a corner assassination then run up to the tree just north of the tents. Free run then jump off to a flag pole and assassinate him quickly before being detected.

Sequence 8 - Memory 3: Public Execution

Washington's Bodyguards must survive
Kill enemy militia- 2/2
Completed all constraints in one playthrough

This one is actually difficult, fortunately I found a way to distract Hickey before he can kill a Bodyguard. Also "Washington's Bodyguards must survive" means that there should be one bodyguard left, don't panic when he kills the 1st guard. I don't know why they use the plural noun.

Don't attempt to Running Assassinate anyone, just focus on Hickey. Keep chasing him until you're close enough BUT DO NOT KILL HIM, just shove/run/jump into him so he will be forced to fight you. You should have plenty of time to kill even all of the militia now. Becareful not to counter-kill Hickey before killing 2 militias. Just throw him or disarm him. Once you done the requirement, you can kill Hickey. BTW, he fights like a Rgular/ Seeker, so he's not that difficult to kill.

Sequence 12- Mission 2: Chasing Lee

Stay with range of Lee - 50 m
Do not shove anyone during the chase
Do not take any fire damage
Completed all constraints in one playthrough

For the chase segment, you need at least 2 Smoke Bombs. You should encounter 4 squads of guards in the docks blocking your ways. Get pushed down by one of them and you lose the 50m constraint, forcing you start from the beginning. The 2nd squad (the guys who emerges from a docked ship) are impossible to avoid, just smoke them and pursue after Lee. The 3rd guards are not difficult to avoid. But thanks to Ubisofts new free-running mechanic, you'll jump on top of the barrel instead of running around it. Just smoke the guards and continue the chase. Be careful not to shove the incapacitated guards.

Peg Leg Trinkets - Oak Island

Limit Health Loss -33%
Do not use Ranged Weapons to kill the Wolves

The Quick-Time Events here are bugged, it won't work. To kill the wolves without being attacked, climb to the tree nearby and *attempt to* air assassinate them it won't work but you'll jump near them to make a standard assassination. So basically you climb up a tree, target a wolf, spam the Assassinate button and repeat.

I know it's not the most detailed walkthrough, I'm sure you can figure out the rest. Don't want to spoil your game now do we? I'm just trying to help guide those in these hair-pulling segments and perhaps save your controller from a beating.

I just realized they don't have the Spoiler tags here like the ones at the EA forums. Or am I missing something?