View Full Version : Any chances of a bigger, fixing patch?

11-10-2012, 12:37 PM
Hi Ubisoft, I became a huge fan of your games in Assassins Creed 2.

As I dont even want to get into the criticism (I believe you know better than anyone what went wrong), I just wanted to know from you if there are any plans to patch the game. You know, to improve controls, add some missing tutorials, maybe add a stealth button (that would be great, what happened to this feature?)? This game is just a sliver from being awesome, but for some reason you guys left some stuff behind.

I really just want to know if there are any plans for a bigger patch like that. I mean, even knowing that frustrated fans can be terrible trolls, people got some criticisms right there, and I hope you can separate what is hysteria to what is indeed a point of justified critics. I would rather not play the game until a few things get fixed, because it is quite frustrating to play atm as it is.

Thank you.

PS: I love Connor, what a great character!