View Full Version : My thoughts on AC3 (new player)

11-10-2012, 12:15 AM
I Think its great! and ill be on board for the AC franchise. Now for AC3 there are some few big hiccups though. One is the missions, I like how you get to go back and re-do missions to get 100% syncs BUT the first time around you do them there's like no explanation on how to do them you know, its not untill you fail you know what to do, i have about at least 6 100%sync mission at least i think because i know i failed alott of them, but the failing to do the main objectiove because you dont know what to do is also a problem but its cool that you can re do the missions! The other part is running away from the enemy, as it turns out Conner is less of an athlete compared to the olympic army of the British, i mean i thought i was safe when i james bond myself on a rooftop "HAHA im safe and sound!" untill i look in front of me and the whole army is like right there about to go at me "oh snap" ok whole army is overreacting but still you cannot get away from them unless theres a haystack or bush! also accidently climbing something can make you fail at a mission or fail at something that your trying to do even though you thought you where going to climb the right way or you thought that there was a climable branch infront of you, also sometimes im like "what you doing Conner! i didnt say to climb that!" lol because he gets to close to a wall hes gonna climb it if you run, but you do get use to it and later on you do learn how to controll Conner with ease :). Other than that i LOVE the story i love the idea of gameplay and combat. Now for the multiplayer :) This multiplayer i like! omg its so funny and awesome it makes you use your brain in the most fun way possible! it definitly was one of the selling points for me and it landed perfectly omg i love it its fun its awesome all modes are cool, The multiplayer is just perfect! its perfect! i havent looked back on my other recent games for multiplayer and because it delivers something diffrent and fresh!. alright those are my thoughts, im definetly on board for all AC's from now on! PS3!