View Full Version : AC3 Gmaeplay thoughts? Likes/Dislikes for AC3! Warning Spoilers!

11-09-2012, 10:51 PM
Hey guys i wanted too get everyone in on this and talk about the likes and dislikes of AC3! Below will be a list of my thoughts.

Things i hate

- I hate how there are only few shops i loved AC when you were able to go around and buy shop to get money

-Horses couldn't swim or jump was annoying

-Lack of Viewpoints and if you did sync what little the viewpoints their where they didnt reveal the whole map an u basically had to uncover the map your self!

-I really am beginning to hate how we used top get master armor and you could use it all the way up to the end and hell you got tombs to look for in AC2 that was fun yet in AC3 no master suit at all unless u try 2 find it like wth!

- I wish if we buy alternate suits from stores you could have chose from them at your homestead

-The quick travel could have been better like in ACB you just bought the tunnel. well how about we buy tunnel and at same time there was a puzzle on the tunnel you solve it and tada u get the tunnel!

-Where did Altairs Master sword go????

-Lack of animals to kill i mean their are no Bucks,wild boar,geese or duck

-Lack of variety of weapons! no throwing knives

-no armor upgrades like before

-no wild horses or hell people riding horses around the frontier

-lack of variety of enemies

-no real trade with Indians or people we should have been able to sell hides and such to many merchants/shops like in the old games!


-the multiplayer is much better

-connor was a cool character

-Pirate ships where fun

-the new fighting system isnt bad

their are other things like the story was good but theirs just so much that went wrong in this game i mean i hated the ending! please post your thoughts guys would like to hear others thoughts