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11-09-2012, 04:48 AM
Loved this game, well at least great majority of it. I love Ratonhnhaké:ton so much, I just wanna hug him, he's so good! <333 I will fanboy for him even more now, be ready :o

Now onto other stuff :p Too much to write about what I loved in the game, so I will just list what I didn't like (everything not mentioned was great!):.

I thought there was just too many Homestead missions. There was like 30+ of them and it felt tiring after a while, just like 30+ assassination missions did in AC2. 10/15 missions of one type is good balance, like the number of Naval missions. Also, I still think it would've been better if we were upgrading a native village, or at least part-Native, or doing something more for Ratonhnhaké:ton's village, something that was part of the game's mechanics/side-quests, with more Native characters/customs. Not that I didn't like the Homestead characters, many of them were great and they should be in the game, but it's part of the larger issue in the story to me. There was literally like 4 Native characters with some significance and presence in the game. Kaniehtí:io, Ratonhnhaké:ton, Kanen'tó:kon and the Clan Mother. That's it. For all the talking how they're important in the story, we barely see them at all. Tens of characters of the Homestead, the Assassin recruits, the Aquilla crew, the Templars, the Loyalists, the Patriots and yet only 4 Natives. It's great were were helping everyone we could in side-quests, but the fact that none of them were Native kind of overshadowed that aspect of the main character and the story.

Also... the unfortunate implications of having one of the Homestead improvements that is run by a Native being... a church lol. Yeah...


Another problem to me was storytelling issues in sequence 4 & 5. Everything that needed to be explained regarding Ratonhnhaké:ton/Achilles/Kaniehtí:io/Haytham story was well explained (or well hinted/alluded to) in the game expect for disjointed & rushed transition from Haytham to little Ratonhnhaké:ton. There was no scene depicting what happened between Kaniehtí:io and Haytham after Sequence 3, we're left with Kaniehtí:io's vague and short explanation during the loading screen. There was some additional info in the Database entry on her, but it should've been in the main story, not a freaking text entry... Furthermore, I was never really sure whether Ratonhnhaké:ton knew who his father was, whether his mom told him.

This leads to storytelling problems in sequence 5. During the scene in which Achilles shows Ratonhnhaké:ton the wall with Templar targets, he goes all "I need to kill all the Templars including my father". I was like "Waaa? How do you know? Oh well, I guess you do, your mom probably told you, after all the Database entry on her said that the village knew she got involved with a Templar which prevented her from becoming a Clan Mother. OK". But then, 5 seconds later, when Ratonhnhaké:ton recounts during a loading screen what happened in the past few days AFTER the Templar wall scene, he says that it was Achilles who explained to him that Charles Lee and his father were Templars. This doesn't make sense. So who told him? His mom or Achilles? Was the order of the Templar wall scene and the 'narration how Achilles explains that Haytham is a Templar' incorrectly reversed?

This is just puzzling to me that the developers didn't realize how vague & disjointed this particular issue comes off as. The Haytham intro was so long (too long in some parts actually) and had so much story exposition on every little detail, yet the most important part of the story, the introduction of the actual main character, feels rushed and lacks critical information. Not to mention conflicting information...

Also, why was Ratonhnhaké:ton's teen model still used in 1773 lol? The same year he suddenly looks like a grown adult after putting the Assassin outfit on. They should've just used his Kanien'keha:ka Outfit model earlier to better show the growth & transition, especially since at one point he specifically refers to his physical growth (yet looks the same lol). It would've been a simple model swap, weird they didn't do it. But it's a detail.


Desmond ending. Yeah, I'm just gonna say - even the ORIGINAL Mass Effect 3 ending had a decency to not rub "Trololo another cliffhanger, get ready for sequel!" in players' faces. For all the crap that ending (rightfully) got for being way too vague and all, it at least still wrapped the story. There was never any doubt there could be more ME stories, but that particular story told in ME1-ME3 was definitely finished. AC3 however pulls an ultimate "we're not gonna finish it just to produce more annual income for Ubisoft". Just no.


Charles Lee. Due to the fact that I thought Ratonhnhaké:ton will be his son before during pre-release period (because of the same year & place of birth, same nationality of the parents and pre-release screens with Lee & Ratonhnhaké:ton interacting), I actually researched Lee a lot. So Charles Lee's characterization felt very inaccurate historically to me. He had children with a Native woman, Ratonhnhaké:ton's background is clearly modeled after those children. He wrote letters to his sister talking very good things about the Natives. So when he said in the game how "Natives live in dirt blah blah like animals", it was just ridiculous to me. I'm not sure about other characters, but he seems to be turned into a cartoony villain to me and straight-out mischaracterized when it comes to the Native aspect.


Bugs. Nowhere near as bugged as I thought it would be based on some impressions but still the most bugged AC to date. Hope it will be fixed with patches.


So yeah that's it. In the end those are not that big issues in a overall amazing game.

tl;dr version: I didn't like too much Homestead mission, not enough Native characters in the game storytelling issues in sequence 4 & 5, the 'trololo sequel!' Desmond ending, Charles Lee's inaccurate characterization and bugs.

11-09-2012, 05:19 AM
Agree very much with the Charles Lee part.. At least you did not get the "cliche" father is Assassin Story, Right ?;)

over all, Spot on...

11-09-2012, 05:27 AM
At least you did not get the "cliche" father is Assassin Story, Right ?;)
No because he was a Templar, this saved it to me. Of course Ubisoft had to unnecessarily made Haytham a former Assassin (why couldn't he be a guy who just started as templar form the beginning) and of course Ratonhnhaké:ton still has an Assassin grandpa so this entire "ohh you're a great Assassin because you come from Assassin line" unnecessary theme is still present, but at least I wasn't rolling my eyes. I also feared that Haytham would 'come back to the light side' lol, thankfully that didn't happen.

Ohh and I figured out Haytham was a Templar immediately. Wanna know how? Because of Charles Lee's characterization. When he said "natives are dirt blah blah" in the launch trailer I knew right away they made him a cartoony villain so I though 'yep, they're Templars'.