View Full Version : Frontier questions + tree tip

11-08-2012, 05:15 PM
Is it possible to hunt squirrel? I often see them running on trees while I'm free-running.
Sometimes when you hear a certain 'flute' sound, somethings special between animals is happening. One of these happenings is an elk screaming (often on an edge) into the open. I've searched the internet but could not find why elks are doing this. I'm wondering though. Anyone who knows?

I've often got stuck in those viewpoint-trees. I don't know if this was known already but it annoyed me in previous games as well. While holding on to a branch (the ones you can't stand on), you're possible to turn around so that you can move the other way. When Connor is facing his back at you, move down the left stick and he'll turn around. When he's pointing his face at you, point the left stick upwards so he'll turn around. I thought I would share this since it really annoyed me before. Hope it'll help someone.