View Full Version : "Synchronized to the Cloud." What is the Cloud? And What does 5523C23D2553 mean???

11-08-2012, 11:40 AM
Hey guys.

I beat Assassins Creed 3 today, grinded through it like no other, the ending was a little disappointing but that's not what I'm posting about.
What I am posting about is after the Epilogue mission 3 and getting "Head in the cloud", a voice said ' I did it, I cracked it, information has been saved to the 'Cloud', we're rich! Vegas baby, Vegas!' And on the side, it said "Xenro_Blade has synchronized to the Cloud." with the number 5523C23D2553 at the end.
What is the Cloud?? And what does the number "5523C23D2553" have to do with it? Or anything for that matter? I did a bunch of digging and came across the "Hacked History" web-game with the Declaration of Independence, but i'm not sure what to do with that either.
I'm not expecting an answer to all these puzzles a vague stuff, in fact, I want to figure the answers out myself, but there is a large difference between Vague, and not telling you at all what you are supposed to do, read, see, anything. If you could just give me an idea of what I am supposed to do I could do it.
Please help me out, i've sat here for hours reading forums, posts, playing the game, trying everything I can, And even deciphering this Declaration of Independence thing seeing as that's about all I think I can do with it..

Please Help!


I found out what to do, after I figured it out after thinking outside the box a bit. All I got was "E".
Literally. Just a single page with no links on it or anything. Just "E", with the quotation marks and everything. What. The .****. Ubisoft, please help me, or somebody who knows what is going on! Please!